Looking For New Attack, Right Repositions Ayers As Gay Ally

The right-wing’s found new William Ayers angle with which to attack Barack Obama!

Obama and Ayers, a professor who once worked against the US government as a member of 60s radical group the Weather Underground, have worked together in Chicago, leading many conservatives – and Republican candidate John McCain – to claim Obama’s sympathetic to the “domestic terrorist.”

Those arguments began to falter last week after politicians and pundits – and polls – criticized McCain’s negative angle.

Though Senator McCain has been easing up on the Ayers offensive, his supporters are hoping a new, gay line will scare voters away from Obama.

WorldNetDaily today ran a piece highlighting Ayers’ endorsement of a book called Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling,” which Ayers described as an” important contribution to nourishing the ethical heart of teaching.”

This, of course, rubs the right the wrong way. According to them, the book’s nothing more than a mode of sexual corruption:

It’s a collection of essays by radicals in the teaching profession, who believe adults and small children must be taught to “think queerly.”

The Ayers connection with this despicable movement to sexualize our kids needs to be examined closely. Spellbound people are drawn to Barack Obama and are choosing to ignore key elements of his ideological pedigree. We need to bring this aspect of Ayers/Obama radicalism into the foreground. Ayers is not just a terrorist who attacked government buildings. He’s an advocate of revolution in America by indoctrinating and sexually corrupting the next generation.

It’s unlikely McCain and his inner circle will embrace this argument, but the candidate said today that he’ll bring Ayers up at this Wednesday’s presidential debate.