“Looking” For Reality: Are HBO’s Casual Sex Scenes “Real” Enough?

hbo-looking-sex-scenesWhen Looking writer/director Andrew Haigh began filming the highly-anticipated sex scenes for HBO’s new gay series about the (sex) lives of three gay men living in San Francisco, he set out to capture some of the most “realistic” encounters ever to be seen on the small screen.

In November, leading man Jonathan Groff told Out that “what we’re trying to dispelay is a reality of gay sex as opposed to the salaciousness of gay sex,” with an emphasis on the salaciousness. They weren’t trying to rework the raunchy, passionate encounters of Queer as Folk, but aimed for the kind of “normal” and sometimes awkward tales you’d expect to discuss over drinks with your gay pals at the bar.

It’s much harder to film realistic sex for television more than it is for movies—we would know—but we’d say Looking is doing a fine job so far.

There was, for instance…


That semi-happening hand job in the first 30 seconds of the first episode


That exciting threesome in the art studio


The #scrufflove


The unexpected foreskin fail/failed hookup


…and who could forget that intense pounding on last Sunday’s episode?!

Sure, you’ve only seen two episodes so far (three if you have HBO GO!), but tell us: Is the “realistic sex” in Looking living up to the hype?