Looking For Sex At USC? Look No Further!

A shocking, startling, sensational new report blows the lid off of University of Southern California’s tawdry underworld:

The recent guilty plea by Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has brought national attention to the practice of “cruising” for sex in public places, but this is not a new phenomenon.

Cruising, the practice of men meeting and having anonymous sex in bathrooms or other public places, continues at USC in bathrooms in Bovard Auditorium and Taper Hall of Humanities, according to a facilities management employee, evidence in the restrooms and websites dedicated to cruising.

The two cruisers featured in the Sept. 12, 2006 article, one a USC graduate student and the other a university employee, both said they were married men and felt that the activity was not about the sex, but rather “an adventure.”

We are simply appalled. Absolutely and utterly appalled. Wait, what’s the address, again?