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Looking for Work? Yet Another Equality Organization has a Vacancy at the Top

Dust off the old resumé: Equality North Carolina is looking for a new head homo. Check out EQNC’s job description for Executive Director, and send along your details if you think you’ve got what it takes.

There’s been quite a game of musical chairs lately at equality organizations around the country. Can you name all the Executive Directors who have left their jobs lately? Ian Palmquist’s departure follows Kathy Kushnir, the Executive Director of Marriage Equality of Rhode Island, and Morgan Meneses-Sheets at Equality Maryland.

And at Equality California, Roland Palencia just stepped in to replace interim ED Jim Carroll, who was standing in after Geoff Kors departed.

In addition to seeking an Executive Director, EQNC is also currently hiring interns. So, there’s something to fall back on if you’re one of the many EDs who’s recently taken a break the workforce!