Looking Into Madonna’s Wilting Style…

Madonna‘s sliding down the style food chain, according to Eric Wilson, who spills an insane amount of ink on the pop star’s evolving “look.” Or is it devolving?

For a performer who has spent 25 years shocking audiences into submission, through her lyrics, actions and attire, Madonna’s latest stylistic reinvention – timed to the start of a new tour next month – is mostly shocking for not having teeth.

The new Madonna look, as seen in paparazzi photographs taken on the streets of New York over the last couple of weeks, evokes a kind of athletic, campus-casual blandness, as if designed for anonymity at the gym.

“She doesn’t seem to have found a particular look for this album,” said Clare Parmenter, a 35-year-old biomedical scientist in London who maintains a fan site called Madonnalicious.com. “It’s a bit – I don’t know how to say it – it’s nondescript.”

Well, you pretty much know how we feel about the singer