“Looking” Star Raúl Castillo On How The Series Handles Ethnic Diversity

lookingsfpremiere5So effortlessly. It doesn’t feel forced, just in the way the story doesn’t feel forced. It makes sense. It’s similar to how the sex on the show is very story-driven. I think that’s the case, too, with these kind of nuances we’re talking about. It’s not just for the sake of diversity, it’s to move the story forward…Even the way Patrick and Richie meet on the bus. One of the reasons I’m proud to be a New York actor is that I get to jump on the train and be around so many people. It’s not like big cities in the South where there’s a lot of segregation. There’s no separation. I love how in the first episode these two characters meet in that way. In L.A., public transportation feels like it’s just for the economically marginalized. But in San Francisco and in New York, you feel like you see people from all walks of life on public transportation. In the same way, the show deals with sexuality, it deals with race. It feels natural. The characters talk about their differences, but the show isn’t about their differences. Their differences are on the table, but it’s more about what they share, what they have in common.”


— Looking star Raúl Castillo, who plays Richie, asked about how he thinks the series approaches ethnic reporesentation in an interview with Out