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“Looking” Writers Shed New Light On Jonathan Groff’s Awkward Patrick Character

jonathan-groff-lookingSome of Looking’s creative team — show creator Michael Lannan and writers JC Lee and John Hoffman — recently sat down with Damian Pelliccione on Boys In Tech to discuss San Francisco as the intersection of gay and tech and how the latter informs various aspects of the show.

Naturally, the bulk of the conversation centered around Jonathan Groff’s character Patrick, who works in the tech world as a video game level designer and is also — you guessed it — gay.

As Lannan describes it:

“He’s kind of a tinkerer. He has a boyish side to him. He has a very playful side…He also has some control issues where he likes to create his own world, which works well in a video game company, not so well in your personal life.”

Hoffman adds:

I always felt like video games were such a great way for young gay boys to sort of escape into their fantasy world and explore lots of things they probably don’t feel safe exploring in the real world, and I think gender nonconformity is definitely one of those things whether you’re straight or you’re gay. There’s a fun dialogue to be had with Patrick in that sort of world.

Personally speaking, I found much more respite in AOL chatrooms than I did playing RPGs (where I certainly explored a similar gender nonconformity by sometimes taking on female personas), but then I also couldn’t tell you the first thing about computer programming.

Here’s the full interview: