Looking’s Daniel Franzese Delivers A Christmas Carol For The Weed Lovers

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 2.04.42 PMActor Daniel Franzese must have sensed that there weren’t enough holiday songs devoted to marijuana and those who love it. After recently scoring viral gold with his Adrian Anchondo collaboration titled “Please Go Home” and tackling Thanksgiving with the Taylor Swift-inspired “Shake and Bake,” Franzese has returned with a homage to what is really important at Christmas — spending time with loved ones who give the gift of weed.

“Just Bring You (Maybe Some Weed)” is about a guy who just wants your presence, not your presents. If you happen to have some herb, well that’s just an added bonus. With lyrics that range from “Keep your crap, homey” to “I want that cush cush from the bush,” it’s a HIGH-larious send-up that will make Mary Jane lovers everywhere hopeful that their friends will get them something from a medical marijuana dispensary come December 25…or at least bake some pot brownies.

It’s been quite a year for Daniel Franzese. After coming out in a letter he wrote to Damian, the unapologetically gay character he portrayed ten years ago in the film Mean Girls, he landed a recurring role in the upcoming season of HBO’s Looking. The show’s second season will premiere on January 11, 2015.

Watch the video below.