Looking’s Murray Bartlett Reveals His Expertise At Faking Orgasms And His Opinion On Uncut Men

murray_hodge_Small-REV_WEBShooting sex scenes for movies and TV is hard work. Just ask Looking heartthrob Murray Bartlett. The Aussie native plays Dom, the mustachioed elder member of the close-knit group of friends at the core of the much-discussed HBO dramedy, and in a recent chat with Butt magazine the actor reveals the behind-the-scenes making of his scorching sex scene with a much-younger neighbor in an early episode of the series but then the conversation takes an even more personal turn.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
That would be the ultimate test of acting skills for a man, wouldn’t it? I did have to fake one on Looking.
How was that?
I was acting like I was fucking a guy up against a mirror and we were in these like little socks… It’s basically this pouch that you tie around your dick and your balls. We’re pushing against each other and pretending to cum. That was probably the last time I faked an orgasm.
How little was your sock?
How little was the sock? Don’t you mean how big was the sock?
Are you cut or uncut?
That’s something I can’t fake. I’m cut. Are you?
Yeah. My Spidey-senses were tingling…
Am I giving you a ‘cut’ vibe? Or was I saying it with my eyes? Some people seem to have this idea that Australians are uncut.
I thought most Australians were cut.
I know, but I’ve come across this — people thinking that Australians are uncut thing — in New York.
What do you prefer?
I like both. It’s a big world out there. I mean, it’s just a dick… The most important thing is who it’s attached to, right?

We concur. You’ve probably been wondering why Bartlett looks so familiar. Unless you’re a soap opera fan (he appeared on Guiding Light from 2007-09) you likely remember him, sans furry upper lip, as Oliver Spencer, the sexy Aussie who temporarily replaced Stanford as Carrie’s gay bestie on Sex and the City.

Or perhaps you caught him in the torrid 2011 queer romance August.

Looking airs exclusively on HBO Sundays at 10:30 p.m.

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  • dougmc92

    you can fake it if you’re topping a guy and wearing a condom- just be careful when you’re taking it off :)

  • viveutvivas

    What’s with the mustache? I am not quite sure if they are going with the 70s look because he’s supposed to be in his 40s. If so, someone needs a math lesson quite badly.

  • MikeE

    @viveutvivas: Well, frankly, there are still guys who find moustaches attractive. Is that an issue for you?

  • trelin

    OMG! I had no idea he played Oliver Spencer!!! I love that episode of SATC. Still hasn’t lost his looks at all! Age looks good on him.

  • balehead

    He’s a hawty and he’s right….

  • Dxley

    It’s actually very easy to fake it. I’ve faked it a lot of times, but as Doug already pointed out that you can do it if you’re topping a guy.

  • Cam

    Another article about “Looking”??

  • Niall

    Moustaches are “blegh” and there are generally very, very, very few people who could actually pull them off without either looking like a washed up porn star, pedo creep or someone that fell out of a time machine.

  • katbox80

    @Cam: At least this one is gay-related unlike that girls shit.
    …and this is more about the actor than anything else.

  • Mdterp01


    LOL…behave Cam. Anyway, that moustache really makes him look a lot different because I watched August a couple times within the past 6 months and had no idea that was Troy until I just read this article. He looks so different in Looking.

  • sfcarlos65

    The moustache looks good on him.

  • Fang

    …wait, i don’t get the logic. Wouldn’t it be easier to fake it WITHOUT a condom?

  • Respect4all

    @Niall: Which is YOUR opinion. Many men disagree, me included.

  • viveutvivas

    I don’t understand the American obsession with cut/uncut. It’s a complete non-issue anywhere else in the world. And the interviewer seemed to be trying to lead him on to confirming some prejudice about uncut penises.

  • MMDD

    @viveutvivas: It’s a big issue in America because we are the only nation (as far as I know) that practices routine infant circumcision for no reason other than aesthetics. Though a lot of progress has been made, uncut penises are still generally derided in the US. This is one of the reasons why it took me years to convince my husband that his having an uncut penis is actually a *good* thing, not something he should be ashamed of.

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