Lord Browne’s Lover Wanted Dough

Lord John Browne‘s former lover, Jeff Chevalier asked the disgraced British Petroleum honcho for a £300,000 pay-off, according to The Times.

The Canadian national and German-born aristocrat allegedly came to an agreement after at the end of their relationship: Browne would help Chevalier maintain a life of luxury. Browne allegedly broke his word, which prompted Chevalier to sell his story to The Mail on Sunday.

The Times elaborates:

…Last month [Chevalier] returned to Canada where he was reunited with his former boyfriend, John Trickey. Last night Mr Trickey told The Times: “Jeff told me that he wanted Lord Browne to pay for the rest of his tuition, and wanted £300,000. I wanted to help him so I phoned Lord Browne’s lawyer.”

Mr Chevalier refused to comment on the allegations but told The Times: “This is not about money. I am somewhat more principled than that.”

Principles? Chevalier sold Browne’s story to a newspaper. That’s not very principled.

Trickey, who met Chevalier as an escort, also says that the young man has a history of finding rich older men to seduce, “He was hooking to feed himself”. Regardless, Trickey insists Chevalier’s not a bad person.

Meanwhile, British Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has been mulling whether or not to try Browne for perjury after Browne lied about how he met Chevalier: in a park. The likelihood of such a trial seems unlikely, however. The High Court judge remarked that he would not send the trial along to the AG, “It is probably sufficient penalty that the claimant’s behaviour has had to be mentioned in the judgment”. That and the fact that Browne lost millions of dollars by resigning.

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  • jack e. jett

    this guy gives whores a bad name. i hope he has a big dick cause he ain’t much to look at.

    jack jett

  • audiored

    I have no sympathy for Browne. Serves the rich closet case bastard right.

  • Giovanni

    “Serves the rich closet case bastard right”

    Um… which is the greater offense- being rich or being in the closet?

  • J. K. Kelleher

    Isn’t it strange – the militant ‘out of the closet’ gays seem proud of their all-too-common prostitution followed by the inevitable blackmail – it is their right – their “you’ve got more than I do and I want it – all” mentality. I think more and more and more that a huge portion of the “out” crowd are just absolute losers – like Chevalier.

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