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Lori Lightfoot is all of us when she tells Kayleigh McEnany, “Hey Karen. Watch your mouth.”

Let it be known, in case it wasn’t known already, that Lori Lightfoot takes no shit from anyone.

Yesterday, Chicago’s first openly LGBTQ and first Black female mayor took a swing at White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, labeling her a “Karen” after she called Lightfoot a “derelict” during a press conference.

“The derelict mayor of Chicago should step up and ask for federal help because she’s doing a very poor job at securing her streets,” McEnany quipped, before accusing Lightfoot of letting people die in the streets.

The statement was deeply ironic, of course, given the 140,000 and counting Americans who have needlessly died as a result of Trump’s botched handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Well, Lightfoot wasn’t having any of Kayleigh’s coded nonsense. In response to a post about McEnany’s remark, she tweeted: “Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth.”

So far, the tweet has received over 100K likes, 20K retweets, and 20K comments.

In recent months, Lightfoot has emerged as one of the loudest national voices speaking out against police brutality and the Trump administration’s response to the Black Lives Matter protests happening around the country.

In May, she literally said “F you” to Trump during a press conference after he called for “thugs” (his word) protesting the death of George Floyd to be shot in the streets.

“I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump,” Lightfoot said. “It’s two words: It begins with F and ends with YOU.”

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