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Los Angeles’ A-Gays Gather at Roland Emmerich + Bryan Singer’s Post-Pride Party



Whenever there’s something gay in Los Angeles, there is always an after party at 2012 director Roland Emmerich’s estate. With Valkyrie director-producer Bryan Singer (pictured, left) at his side, the A-gays gather to pay their respects — before stripping down to their Speedos and diving into the pool. With West Hollywood’s gay pride parade yesterday, it only made sense Emmerich would once again open up his gates to LA’s gays. One attendee sends photo evidence of the fracas, which came complete with Candis Cayne performing with a Jaws theme (she ended up in getting “attacked,” ended up in the pool, and “blood” going everywhere) — although the photos shuttled to our inbox shows less performance, more “attempting to stand.”

Alas, we cannot confirm whether involuntarily adult film star Dustin Lance Black attended last night’s soiree, as he’s been known to.

And sorry, no photos of the after-after party (which generally has a clothing-optional policy), nor do we have pictures from what happened when Roland and Bryan (pictured, Page 3) took a few select young men into the house for private casting sessions.

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  • Mike

    A Bryan Singer event and there are no 15-year-old twinks around? Something here isn’t right.

    That party sure is white.

  • scott ny'er

    @Mike: I spotted a lone black dude in pic 4 and 2 black dudes in pic 5. So there. LOL.

    That place looks really packed. And the pool, well, I don’t know if there is enough Chlorine in there for me to jump in.

  • Kyle

    I guess the “A” in “A” gays isn’t for attractive. From what I can see in the photo it isn’t a very goodlooking crowd.

  • prissysissy

    What a large concentration of escorts, porn performers and general sluts in one place.

  • Joey

    Has Bryan Singer had work done? His face is odd.

  • Cam

    Wow, A-Gay has changed. It used to mean goodlooking.

  • Charlie

    Wow, we really are bunch or of prissy, bitchy queens, aren’t we.

    Sorry If I’ve offended any of my drag queen friends.

  • Giovanni

    Looks like a good time was has by all. Btw I’ve always assumed A Gay meant well connected/successful, not necessarily beautiful, though the lookers are almost certainly always around.

  • Republican

    Too many skinny guys. Where’s the muscle?

  • prissysissy

    @Republican: mostly in your head. :-D

  • michael

    The definition of A gays are lots of cash. A+ gays have looks and cash. But lets not demonize gays as being an exclusive group that buys young boys, where looks mean everything unless you have the cash to buy love and respect. Straights have been doing the same shit since it all began too. Its a pathetic fact of the human existence but we gays hardly invented it.

  • Bertie

    yes, we know…Bryan Singer loves the twinks. This is such a non-story.

  • AlwaysGay

    Looks like great fun.

  • JM

    That’s what every LA crowd looks like to me. And I’m thankful to not live there!

  • homofied

    Jeez, can’t coupe of rich queens throw a shindig anymore without catching grief? Me, I showed up, opened my mouth, my purse fell out and then it was stolen!

  • marius

    The fun part of being rich and having a nice house with a pool is that young men will come over to play.

    It’s not the same when you have a 2 room apartment with a fire escape for a deck, but one makes do.

  • jason

    I tend to look down my nose at these events.

  • edgyguy1426

    @marius: [email protected] I almost spewed a mouthful of coffee on my monitor when I read your last sentence! Touche

  • ChristopherM

    T.R.: “And that is how you make a giant steaming bowl of dick soup.”

    Ina: “Well who wouldn’t like that?”

  • Dave

    Who fucking cares?

  • Captain Freedom

    These guys are not even good looking. It looks like a bunch of porn industry low levels (not A-stars) jumping in a red broth of middle-aged nakedness and debauchery. Or as we call it in San Francisco… the Folsom Street Fair.

  • Henry Holland

    @Dave: You obviously do because you took the time to post something even if it’s just 3 words and a question mark.

    But lets not demonize gays as being an exclusive group that buys young boys

    I’m sure you didn’t mean it this way, but “young boys” are 8 year olds, 10 year olds. Not exactly a crowd of 8-10 year olds in that picture, is it?

  • I-Fart Rainbows

    The party wasn’t completely white (I’m not) but that’s gay culture in Southern California for you. All the attendees weren’t twinks either… it was just the majority of the kids that were naked in the pool. I’m young (23) and frankly I prefer seeing men who are 40+. You guys make an awful lot of assumptions on here. I had a great time at. It was an enjoyable event and I think that it’s okay to celebrate from time to time.

    The question I think that is worth asking is: Can we be PROUD of PRIDE festivities? Must drugs and/or alcohol always guests at community events? Paying a $20 COVER to be in the streets in what is for all practical purposes a bacchanalian celebration is certainly ONE way to celebrate our sexuality…

  • BrianZ

    So is that the whitish fog hovering over the pool the result of 50 various cologne over-doses being combined with chlorine, hair gel and Axe deodorant?

    I’d sooner give away a testicle than dip a foot in that hot mess.

  • Dave

    Who fucking cares that a bunch of rich hollywood queens throw drug & alcohol fueled parties.

    Who fucking cares that it stereotypes gay men as a bunch of sex crazed whores.

    Who fucking cares that there are many, many more important things to do with your money during this time.

    Who fucking cares what YOU think!

    I only care just enough to call out assholes like you.

  • shelby

    if you ain’t white you ain’t invited. now thats separate but equal for ya. Peace

  • Miss Melly

    @Dave: Ooooooooo how fierce honey, and all too true. Tear that bitch another asshole.

  • StillWaiting

    Here we are… Instead of pushing reforms The QUEENZZZZZ are having fun… So sad for the others.

  • InExile

    @StillWaiting: Honey you’re just jealous! I was in that pool, that’s me on the right with my shirt off. The water temperature incidentially was hot!

  • StillWaiting

    @InExile…. Hello sweety, the stonewall was not build with pool-parties as far as I know?

  • germanluger

    looks like fun,

    wish i’d gotten an invite!

  • Captain Freedom

    The Christianists, Evangelicalists, right-wing fascists and NOM terrorists are looking at this picture and about to ejaculate out of their ears!

  • Dabq

    If that’s an “A” list party with all those bland, dull, unattractive, washed out future and former C level porno stars, I really fear what this site will do with real hot men who like to party in LA!

  • galefan2004

    @Captain Freedom: The Christianists, Evangelicalists, right-wing fascists and NOM terrorists are looking at this picture and about to ejaculate out of their ears!

    What you fail to realize is that they don’t need a reason to justify their hatred, and when they are asked for a reason, they justify it with the bible much more than they do with this type of photograph. Who would of thought that a 2000 year old book written by man which contains some of the dirtiest debauchery ever thought up would have created as many problems as it has for so long.

  • Chris

    LA gays. So trashy. Whatever happened to getting places in life by honest, hard work? Or is the American dream too “uncool” for us queers?

  • Flex

    I’m jealous! I was all waxed up, and sipping tini’s at the Mondrian. My gal pal, and I were never invited!

  • alan brickman

    didn’t James Whale hold the same parties in “Gods and Monsters”??…

  • Lance Rockland

    Just a bunch of Hollywood sleazebags.

    And who brought the condoms?

  • Kent

    I see parties like this, and in some ways, the motive must be totally harmless, but there’s no people of color. White gay men will often say, I’m not racist, it’s just my personal preference. But what else are gay people of color supposed to think? I wish I could live in an america where my skin color wouldn’t make me hideous in the eyes of so many people. The difference between a pride parade and a KKK party, is that while the KKK party knows people of color exist, the white LGBT community performs magnificent acts of denial. Please don’t look at these pictures and tell me the LGBT community isn’t for white people only.

  • galefan2004

    @Lance Rockland: Condoms? What condoms? Haven’t you learned from the video from our favorite unconsentual porn star that Hollywood goes bareback in 2009?

  • galefan2004

    @Kent: I can’t speak for the community, but I love my black drag queen friends, my black step-dad (my mom wanted some black in her), and my black ex-boyfriends who were some of the best lovers I ever had. However, on a personal level, I’m just not that attracted to the majority of black men. That doesn’t mean that I think they should be ignored, but in my own experience, I have seen more blacks at most of the clubs I go to than whites and had many black gay friends that were out and loud.

  • The Gay Numbers

    QUESTION: Is there a single person of color at that party. It’s like trying to find Waldo.

  • Phil

    @galefan2004: No, we learnt that monogamous Hollywood went bareback in 2006 and vicious Hollywood queens sell out in 2009.

  • RobO

    Hollywood debauchery details with pics? Love it!

  • mike

    @JM: here here

  • mike

    Boy it is so sad that there are so many queens spending time worrying about a fricken pool party a nice house in LA.

    Might of been a loft rooftop in New York or a Victorian in San Francisco but it really was just a party celebrating Gay Pride.

    So what if there were porn stars there, middle aged men, successful gay show biz tyoes, they were there to have cocktails, swim and dance,.

    I think deep down some of you bitches were jealous you were not invited.

    For those who throw stones, try spending your time writing your congressman about gay rights and DOMA.

    Get a life.. and let others enjoy…..

  • danny

    Wait. So what exactly makes these queens A-gays? I really don’t mind pasty white-boys frolicking in some man-soup, but I what I do take issue with is this whole A-gay bullshit. Totally classist and hetero-normative.

  • niles

    These are not the A-gays, just the general pre party riff raff. There are always separate and private A-list gatherings later on at these affairs.

  • DBaines

    I love how gay people can have an almost totally whites-only party at night, then wake up the next morning and yell at Obama for not doing their personal bidding like their house [email protected]$$r should.

  • DBaines

    Sorry, not almost totally, totally. I challenge you to find a black, latino, asian, whatever person in there without getting a headache.

  • Kbutterum

    If that’s gay Hollywood. why bother?

  • Gizmo

    For you guys that are looking to get offended and use this as another excuse to bash the “lily-white” gay community:
    This was a private party thrown by rich white guys. There are 3 or 4 black guys and some other guys of color visible in the pics but you don’t know how many were actually there. Is it unusual for white people to have a majority of white people at their parties? Is it unusual for black people to have a majority of black people at their parties? We all tend to hang out with people like ourselves for the most part. It doesn’t mean we don’t like other people. We just usually bond the most with people that we have the most in common with, that had similar up-bringings. Show me some pics from Tyler Perry’s big gay pool party and then try to find the white folks at that party. Won’t it look just like a film negative of this one? Oh, I forgot, he would never allow pics from his gay pool party because, unlike these hollywood moguls, he’s afraid to come out….but that’s another issue.
    You think this party was indicative of the entire gay pride festival? wtf? If you want to believe that the gay community is just for white people then you have your own problems.
    There was a huge street festival and parade that had thousands of black, latino, asian, middle-eastern and yes, even lily-white participants.
    There was a Latin Dance tent that was packed. There was a Black Dance tent that was packed. And there was a Circuit music tent that was packed. They all had mixed crowds but the overwhelming majority at the Latin tent were….guess what? Latino! On the black dance floor…Black! And the Circuit music attracted… mostly white guys! (but was by far the most integrated of the three.)
    So, generally, people like to dance to music that they are familiar with and party with friends that are a lot like themselves. Is this surprising and offensive?
    Get a grip.
    And, really, the jealousy oozing out of all the catty comments is so completely obvious.
    Many of you would never get invited to any of these parties because you are so unpleasant and you know it.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Gizmo: Uhm- I am not offended. I just think its funny. I have been to a lot of white party, and not of the circuit kind. I also work in a predominantly white world. You really need to chill. Or at least get a sense of humor.

  • TANK

    Lotsa male pattern baldness. Shit. IT’s called propecia, ladies. Take it before it’s too late!

    And sure, no diversity…but if you think that’s the worst of it, you haven’t looked hard enough. Would you really like to be there, though? Do you think that these things are the “gay community”? That’s sad if so…or the white party or any of these lame boring gatherings of obnoxious queers.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Gizmo: Now tell me where you see the black Waldo’s cause I can’t see them. This is a game I like to play, including with my white friends when I go to parties. Not that I go much anymore since I am not a social guy.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @TANK: Probably not. I have been to parties liek that, especially when I lived in LA. Not my idea of fun.

  • John

    I’m an “A-Gay”?!? LOL!! I happened to see myself talking to my friend in the first picture!

    It was a fun party that consisted of mostly white men, many Latin, and some Asian and black men. It was a decent cross-section of the LA gay population. Although, I think minorities will always be lacking in representation in the gay community…at least until the white gay community becomes more color-blind. But as an attendant of the party, I’d have to say it was a VERY attractive crowd overall. And more than anything else, gay men are guilty of discriminating against the unattractive!

    Btw, I’m one of the Asian guys in the pool…

  • JD

    Hysterical – a lot of the people here were as diverse as any community from the Asian British DJ, Latino, Black, Asian Men, Straight Girls, Lesbians – Dustin Lance Black was not here as far as I saw- the only place I saw him was Pride Weekend, where he was honored Saturday, at the Lifeworks Benefit raising $100 a ticket for homeless youth.

    Most of the people at the party work in the entertainment, fashion, political, or fundraising – and bring you some of your favorite clothes, TV shows, and are working day and night to overturn Prop 8. If Bryan,Roland and Adam are generous enough to throw a party and invite 2000 friends, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  • mb00

    well, I say good for them. I’m glad they all had fun. I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself being there. I think it would scare me to be around that many people in such proximity, looks like it might have been loud with techno music AND reeking of a combo of colognes.

  • Anthony in Nashville

    This party looks like most social “highlights” of the gay community, 90% white.

    You can say I’m hating, or say that people want to have out with their “personal preference,” but the only way for a person of color to get invited to these kinds of events is to have an exclusively white social network. You may be accepted as the token, but get more than a couple of black men in the area, then we’re “taking over.” LOL.

    We can play it off as just a party, but when the vast majority of photos taken at “gay” functions show all white guys, what are other people supposed to think?

    I try to work on activist issues with the “community” here but it’s difficult because of the social awkwardness that comes from having different social circles and seemingly little in common to base a relationship on. Some groups may have success with a “strictly business” approach to work, but my experience has always been that activism and socializing usually go together.

  • Sam

    @Gizmo: I think the segregation is less indicative of the gay community or wanting to be “with people like ourselves” and more indicative of the horrifying state of race relations in Los Angeles. The gay community there is bound to reflect that. I mean, is there a better metaphor for the extreme segregation in L.A. than the separate black, white and Latino dance tents?

    I couldn’t take it, which is why I moved back to New York. We certainly still have our own race issues, but at least we can all go out together and have a good time, even if we’re not exclusively around “people like ourselves.”

  • Forrest

    In my experience a Gays have been gym and fashion obsessed twats.that judge worth based on how nice your car is. I will take my battered rainbow stickerd civic and other authentic poor Gays any day over that bitchfest.

  • Giovanni

    “I try to work on activist issues with the “community” here but it’s difficult because of the social awkwardness that comes from having different social circles and seemingly little in common to base a relationship on”

    My suggestion to you is to try harder. That is the only way things will change. I am not surprised by the lack of color in the crowd (though there are clearly POC’s of every hue sprinkled sparsely through out).

    Los Angeles gays are a segregated lot – I am not exactly sure why but it probably has a great deal to do with Los Angeles itself being so segregated ( car culture!). Any gay house party in NYC (sans Fire Island) worth attending is going to have a healthier mix of the rainbow cuz that’s how we roll.

    In the end who you know really depends who you are (as a person ) – at least from my pov.

  • Sam

    @Mike: Know what Bryan Singer likes about 15-year-old twinks?

    He keeps gettin’ older, but they stay the same age.

  • Andramata

    @Gizmo: There was a black tent and white tent and Latino tent. WOW!!! What about an Asian tent? they are people too. I live in NYC. When we go out we all go out. There are parties that specialize to a race but it’s not in your face. when people go to Circuit parties in NYC ALL come out to party.
    I’ve been to LA and they are some out right intra racism over there. See the problem is and always will be is that white people tend to blame a race for something one or two people have done. Case and point I was in LA to perform one night and my friend (who is black) and I got to the door and this in my face racist door man told us not tonight this is a private party! lol I’m mixed and have been called many different race. So I looked at him and told him we are part of the act. He laughed and was like move to the side. So I told him if he knew what was good for him he should contact his manager. So he got on the walkie and said there are two black guys out here claiming they are the act tonight. Now the manager knew I was coming early. He said you idiot what are you doing they are and let them in. So I said screaming NO you come and let us in I’m not coming in by him. (pulled the Divo move) So I told the manager that he was being racist because he let other people in and didn’t want to let us in. it was a pretty bad experience because I had never experienced racism at a gay establishment. The manager apologized and treated us like royalty after. Would I ever go back there again? NO. The bouncer said sorry as we were leaving and my friend that was with me said “that you sorry” and walked away. It was a night I will never forget. Mind you we both were dressed up and looking nice. But because we didn’t look white he didn’t want to let us in an all white party.

  • Captain Freedom

    @galefan2004: Touche. You may have a point there. Its funny when you look at history how hypocritical the moralists have always been since the Dark Ages. King James was the one that had sex with young male pages.

    I’m not denouncing this as debauchery. I’m denouncing it as just pure yuck. Most of these guys aren’t even good looking and yet they label themselves as A-list. No no no… A list would be referring to people like Dustin Lance Black, Adam Lambert, Ellen, or Tom Cruise. Do you see any of them in there? Exactly. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Cruise were in there though.

  • mike


    oh my god Gizmo I wrote the comment a few paragraphs earlier and could not of said it better,.,you are right on the mark,,

    these bashers are jealous homos who probably stayed home and did not even come out to celebrate their own pride.. Pride is not bashing any sector of the community,

    Get over it people… take a sociology class and realize mammals hang with their own pack primarily-

  • emb

    I think it’s interesting that 6 pictures of a private pool party generates this much concern about whether or not rich gay men are attractive and have enough friends of color. And the “you’re just jealous” responses reek of high school social politics. No wonder the Obama Administration doesn’t feel the need to take our issues seriously.

  • galefan2004

    @Anthony in Nashville: You have to be kidding right. I’m not racist, I actually love the blacks, but seriously, black out gays make up less than 1% of the entire population. Tell your black brothers to stop screwing their buddies while married to your sisters and come out and get recognized. I’ve never seen the blacks excluded by the white gay community, but I’ve seen plenty of blacks that exclude all gays even when they are fucking their best friend while married with children.

  • mike

    Heres a real issue … where are the lesbians,.? I know they have the Dinah Shore and the boys have the White Party., but its a Pride party.. it would be nice to see even the A list ladies included,

    Its really a shame the community is so still so gender divided. Lets face it,. “A” gay in LA is very segregated when it comes to looks, wealth and power, The lipstick lesbians are far and few in between so the butch ladies who wear flannel really are not the cast that would fit in a hollywood gay pool party… so so sad,, we have a long way to go even in our own community.

  • Andramata

    @galefan2004: what’s with “the blacks”? That’s like a straight person saying ” I love the gays” was it to hard to type black people? And saying that is so simple minded. Again you as a white man are saying all black gays are not out. I live in NYC and I know ALOT of out black gay men. Maybe not the same as down south. But for you to say tell them to come out and stop with the DL. I happen to be fucking a married white man! Should you tell him to come out too? You don’t even live in a metropolitan area how do you know? And that 1% is not correct maybe in Nashville. You read about the black DL men. So you just assume all black men are like that. If are were well traveled and little more educated on the subject you would not make such and idiotic comment. And because you haven’t seen it doesn’t me it does not exist. Read my prior post! Case and point that you are wrong it does happen.

  • ryan

    i must say this is a really dumb article. WHO CARES!!

  • John

    Looks like great fun and I’m happy to see unattractive, out of shape guys being included. Usually the money gays only invite porn stars, in-the-closet cute actors and Abercrombie models to their parties so that they appear to be fucking the pretty people, but THIS crowd makes me feel better about not being invited for some reason…like I COULD have gone had I been asked, and I MIGHT have actually been asked NOT based on my looks! YAY!

  • Christopher

    It was a terrific party with people of all shapes and sizes and economic backgrounds. I send a BIG THANK YOU to Roland for opening his home and grounds and to both Roland and Brian for hosting a really fun event!

  • Anthony in Nashville


    “I’ve never seen the blacks excluded by the white gay community, but I’ve seen plenty of blacks that exclude all gays …”

    I’m not sure if you were baiting me with your comments, but I’ll respond anyway.

    I thought we were discussing racial concerns in the gay community, not black homophobia. These are different issues.

    If you can’t recall any instances of black gays being excluded, ignored or treated differently by white gays, you either haven’t lived long enough or you live in an extremely inclusive city.

    I agree that people need to come out, but based on the general portrayal of the gay community by ads, television, mags, blogs, etc., I think non-white gay men (not qualified to talk about lesbians) feel like they have nowhere to come out to. So they stay in the closet, live double lives, or whatever you wanna call it.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Anthony in Nashville: I agree with you regarding the more serious side of looking athis.

  • Sfjayjay

    This was an awesome party! People were very nice, attractice, and there were plenty of non-white people, myself included. Thanks Roland!

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Sfjayjay: Uhm- there seems to be more non-white people posting in this write up of the party than showing up in the photo. So which should I believe- the foto or the posters- hmmm?

  • chrissypoo

    You people are funny.

    I went and I’m neither a twink, in-shape, rich or powerful. And I know this is going to bust some stereotypes but everyone was really very nice and friendly to me.

    And yes the pool was very warm.

  • 1st Time Attendee

    I was at the party. It’s a fun story to assume it was some wild orgy, but the reality was far tamer. The party was held from 2pm-midnight and a few hundred people came and went.

    During the day time, there were probably around 10 children in attendance. The crowd got a bit wilder at night after people were drunk, but other than a few people taking a hit of marijuana, there were no drugs on display. No sex on display either–bathing suits remained on and although the pool had more than a few people making out once it got late.

    Rest assured commenters, while most attendees might have been white men, ALL ethnic groups were well represented.

  • Nick

    Does “Latin” count? I’m not sure it does.

  • Illiterati

    Wow, I didn’t realise Americans could be so acerbic. It’s just a gay-fest guys – hardly a literary salon (more debauched) – non? Is there a Hollywood Gay Mafia? – am interested in doing an article

    Thanks everyone.

  • Myles

    As a person who was actually there I can tell you that 95% of you don’t know what you are talking about… Oh yeah, because you were not invited.

    First off, there were no “casting sessions” as both Roland and Bryan are in relationships.

    Second, the guest list was vary diversified. Black, White, Asian, Latin, Meddle Eastern, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Average Joe’s, Models, Rich and not rich, Young & Old, and the list goes on. The main thing is that they all had fun, were treated as equals, and most called each other friends.

    Lastly, those of you that were actually there knew there was also a charity fundraiser aspect to the event… But that never makes the blogs!

  • Myles

    PS… The event was held on four levers of Roland’s 5-acre estate… You you are NOT seeing the who picture here.

  • Myles

    @Myles: And I can’t type correctly on a Blackberry either it appears!

  • Zoxy

    Hey, looks cool. I consider myself an “A” gay, whatever that means. LoL. Anyone knows about the 4th of July Roland Emmerich party?


  • Zoxy

    @Myles: Hey Myles. I totally understand your comment on this blog. I have been in similar big parties in Rome and good stuff never makes it to the blogs…for some reason! Anyway, I am living in Hollywood now and I heard about the party happening and Roland Emmerich’s property on the 4th of July. Do you know anything about it? Thanks

  • Zoxy

    @Zoxy: .

  • Darragh

    look at that….chlamydia soup…

  • JennyFromdabloc

    The PC police strikes again! I did not realize we are all morally obligated to date, screw, whatever with every ethnicity, every gender expression, every profession, every height, every weight, every hiv status, every…

    Having that said, looks like a fun time and a beautiful home.

  • inbama

    After reading the article, the photos were very disappointing and proved absolutely nothing.

  • Curtispsf

    Nice to have a first person perspective which mirrors my own experience.
    It’s important to remember that one picture will never represent the entire event.

    It’s also important to remember that so-called “exploitation” runs in both directions. I was in my early 20s and was no doubt referred to as a twink when I first came to San Francisco; so was my bf who was being “kept” by a very well known closeted (and married) environmental leader.

    All that was required of Marty was that be available to go to dinner parties and other social functions as the date of “David”; in return we got use of the convertible Mercedes and a few trips with David where I was also invited to go along. Marty was smart and witty, a CATO Institute fellow and I was also a “rising star” (whatever, the hell that means) with a Law Degree active in gay politics. Marty and I both liked David and the feeling was mutual and mutually beneficial.

    Since the dawn of time, older men with perceived power and/or money have always had younger admirers who are attracted to power and money and vice versa. I’ve seen repugnant situations where old gay hens cackle over this boy/trick as well as young “twinks” pretending to be interested in older gay men solely for whatever financial gain can be gotten from the situation.

    I doubt the plaintiff in this case would have been anywhere near the defendant but for the money and power of the defendant. And now some 15 years, later he brings a lawsuit alleging exploitation just as he has done to someone else. It’s obivous that he is looking for the pot of gold he thought he would get but didn’t get 15 years later. Sorry, I’m not buying it. Who is exploiting who, here?

  • Evji108

    Looks like a fun party to me. Just because everyone there is not model good-looking does not make it an ugly crowd. Anyway, generally, the better looking the guys are on the outside, the uglier they are on the inside. Sad but true.

  • kab1200

    So the young men were forced to go to these parties? What a bunch of BS. Everyone wants something, and everyone got something. Seems fair to me.

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