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PHOTOS: Los Angeles Pride Parade As Told Through Fist Pumping

The Los Angeles Pride Parade has a reputation for being kind of crappy. Locals often skip it and make a beeline for San Francisco. So we are not particularly surprised to report that this year was no different. Not extraordinarily crappy or anything as dramatic as that. Just simply kind of crappy. There was nothing particularly radical, spectacular, or even note-worthy, to be honest. Everything was just “fine.” Even the weather was overcast in that crappy sort of way.

But you know what wasn’t crappy? The commitment to the one and the only “fist pump.” You know the kind: when you hear Katy Perry’s “Firework” and your fist involuntarily starts pumping to the beat in the air. Well the Los Angeles Pride Parade was full of really awesome fist-pumping.

Representing the bars “Micky’s” and “The Abbey” were some delicious half naked fist pumping: