"Vanity Fair" Being "Unfair"

Lou Pearlman No Sicko, Says Lou Pearlman

Lou Pearlman wants to set the record straight. The former boy band manager and alleged pedophile claims Vanity Fair twisted words and flat out lied in their damning exposé. In that piece, writer Bryan Burrough writes that Pearlman used his power to get his boys, including Nick Carter, into compromising positions.

Pearlman denies the claims from jail, where he’s languishing for allegedly defrauding investors. Speaking to Radar‘s Tyler Gray, Pearlman says he never got down with the gents and the myriad witnesses are all liars looking for attention or revenge. How convenient.

As for spending his personal time with his young talents: “I helped develop great artists, and I am proud of our success. I was affectionately called ‘Big Poppa,’ like a second dad or an uncle.” Creepy!

Vanity Fair, meanwhile, sticks to its story. We’re not sure who to believe: the locked up porker or the venerable monthly. Tough…

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