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Louis C.K. proves he’s still a trash human in leaked audio mocking Parkland survivors and LGBTQs

It’s officially time for disgraced comedian Louis C.K. to go away forever.

The accused sexual predator is back in the headlines after a comedy set he performed earlier this month at Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown, New York leaked online.

In the set, the 51-year-old comic panders to the alt-right by mocking non-binary people and the Parkland shooting survivors and using an antigay slurs and other pejoratives attacking people’s identities.

Here’s a little sampling of C.K.’s “jokes” from the set:

On non-binary young people:

They tell you what to call them. ‘You should address me as they/them, because I identify as gender-neutral.’ Oh, OK. You should address me as ‘there’ because I identify as a location. And the location is your mother’s c*nt.

On the Parkland survivors:

They testify in front of Congress, these kids? What are they doing? You’re young, you should be crazy, you should be unhinged, not in a suit… you’re not interesting. Because you went to a high school where kids got shot? Why does that mean I have to listen to you?… You didn’t got shot, you pushed some fat kid in the way, and now I’ve gotta listen to you talking?

On fighting with his doctor:

‘You need to stop eating ice cream.’ I said, ‘You need to go f*ck yourself. And don’t ever touch me again, you old f*ggot. You old f*cking Jewish f*g. Get your f*cking hands off me.’ You’re f*cking with my ice cream, I get upset.

In addition to that, C.K. also went on a lengthy tirade about “retarded” people and made racist remarks about the difference in penis size between black, white, and Asian men.

Video of the set, which was performed on December 16, leaked online over the weekend. It has since been removed from YouTube, but not before sparking an outrage on Twitter.

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