Love Conquers All For These Gorgeous LGBT Globetrotters

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.31.35 AMIf you’ve ever had the supreme pleasure of traveling to distant corners of the world with a lover, you may also have experienced that awkward moment at the hotel checkin desk.

“You’d like a room with two beds?”

“Uh, no. One bed please.”

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The attendant’s reaction can vary. At best you get an approving smile that says “ah, yes I understand.” But a negative response can be embarrassing, demeaning and hurtful — aka things you should never feel on vacation.

Luckily the world is changing, but to quote Aaron Schock quoting Taytay, “haters are gonna hate.”

Below, hear from LGBT couples in an Airbnb-produced pride short describing their experiences traveling, and just try not to feel something: