“Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” Star Josaline Hernandez Calls Unidentified Lover “F****t” In Twitter Rant

Joseline Hernandez, the star of Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, went on a Twitter rant the other day, complaining that her lover was on the down-low.

“Dudes get mad when u find out they faggots LOL,” the aspiring recording artist tweeted on Thursday. “Undercover ass bitch.”

Hernandez followed up that Shakespearean prose on Friday with the message, “Don’t get mad cause I don’t want your gay ass no more u faggot ass undercover. I put your business in the streets.”

But when followers assumed Hernandez was talking about her manager-boyfriend Stevie J, she cleared the air:  “I was never talking about my baby @hitmanstevieJ.”

So was the reality “star” talking about another guy in her life or just feeling guilty for calling out purported fiance Stevie? Either way, not a class act.

Joseline, who has identified as bisexual, also tweeted that she had a girlfriend—presumably that allows her to use homophobic language.

Earlier this fall, rumors that Hernandez was a man prompted her to post nude photos (NSFW) of herself and tweet, “Bitches I’m 100% women…  Fuck tall eat my pussy.”

With smooth lines like that, it’s a wonder she’s not already on the top of the charts.


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