“Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” Star Josaline Hernandez Calls Unidentified Lover “F****t” In Twitter Rant

Joseline Hernandez, the star of Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, went on a Twitter rant the other day, complaining that her lover was on the down-low.

“Dudes get mad when u find out they faggots LOL,” the aspiring recording artist tweeted on Thursday. “Undercover ass bitch.”

Hernandez followed up that Shakespearean prose on Friday with the message, “Don’t get mad cause I don’t want your gay ass no more u faggot ass undercover. I put your business in the streets.”

But when followers assumed Hernandez was talking about her manager-boyfriend Stevie J, she cleared the air:  “I was never talking about my baby @hitmanstevieJ.”

So was the reality “star” talking about another guy in her life or just feeling guilty for calling out purported fiance Stevie? Either way, not a class act.

Joseline, who has identified as bisexual, also tweeted that she had a girlfriend—presumably that allows her to use homophobic language.

Earlier this fall, rumors that Hernandez was a man prompted her to post nude photos (NSFW) of herself and tweet, “Bitches I’m 100% women…  Fuck tall eat my pussy.”

With smooth lines like that, it’s a wonder she’s not already on the top of the charts.


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  • Fitz

    What a stupid nigress!

  • Sukhrajah


    Are you really f*cking kidding me? If this was attempted to be ironic – it’s just idiotic. If you were being serious, then shut up, because you are an idiot. I am no fan of some fame-hungry fool who is trying to draw up an audience by whipping around the ‘faggot’ word, but don’t ever use that word. Regardless of who you are, it’s inappropriate. Also, just to add – it doesn’t help your case or cause. It just shows your ignorance, and provides ammunition to the people out there that will hope to divide us later.

    Grow up!

  • Sukhrajah

    Also, regarding this whole issue, of this classless fame-hungry fool that wants an audiance, she is not going to get far. Words of advise for her, the world is full of faggots honey, and they love to show their talents in the entertainment industry. If she thinks that she is going to get even a foot further in the industry with that kind of attitude, and not encounter another ‘faggot’ or at least an LGBT ally, she is in for a rude awakening. I have to wonder what the writers (for this ‘non-scripted’ reality show) over at Viacom were thinking when they let this happen. OH WELL, manufactured drama for next season, I guess…

  • Aidan8

    … And we all say together now….. TRASH

  • iBLOW

    don’t come for Joseline like that!!! Yeah it was stupid for her to tweet those things but one of her bestfriends is gay, so I doubt she SUPER homophobic, but in the black community the worst thing you cam call a dude is gay for some reason but there’s still no excuse

  • Avenger

    *** GASP ***

    Oh no!

    She called someone a faggot? The world is falling off its axis.

  • JOHN 1957

    LOL …… She probably meant to call him a WUSS (coward) because he walked out on her and with a mouth like that, wouldn’t you?. That’s so common of her, women drivers with road rage do it all the time, they get cut off by a man … that’s the first thing that comes out of their mouth. Wonder what they call women who cut them off in traffic, probably the same thing. It’s thought to be the most degrading thing to say to a man according to them … attack his so called masculinity, quick to go for the testicals! :-) I wonder how she would react if somebody called her a “Stupid Nappy Haired Hoe.” Thank you! I needed a laugh.

  • Rockery


    She’s latina

  • Eban

    @Rockery: Yeah and there are many [email protected], like Joseline, of African descent, an estimated 200 million.

    Anywho, I don’t think its right to put your business in the streets but she is a reality TV star so its kind of her job. who knows what the squabble was about but I know I always have to get on my sister about calling folks faggots. I know I’ve been mad and called a gay dude a faggot before just to piss him off. Hell, I even just call my friends faggots when I’m not mad. This is an interesting conversation to have within the GLBT community because really there is no concensus on it. Insider/outsider language.

    I love the show and Joseline was one of my favorite characters for her brutal honesty and crazy ways but this is def a strike against her. She’s still got some growing to do.

  • thesamebutdiffname

    @Rockery: They’re not mutually exclusive.

  • Rockery

    @Eban: @thesamebutdiffname:

    Yes they are not mutually exclusive, but a lot of people included under that umbrella don’t consider themselves “black” (that term itself can be problematic) To look at her and decide what amount of African blood she has in order to be called a “nigress” seems like a dumb exercise. i dont know how we could do that since we can’t judge just on skin color.

  • Eban

    @Rockery: first of all, no one should be called nigress. that is so offensive. i didn’t respond to Fitz because i know a troll when i see a stupid comment like that. but a lot of race in the Americas is very complicated. I mean look at the States where the one drop rule still applies with many people. People, such as myself, of mixed-race will identify as Black even though they may have fair skin.

    But I am a fan of the show and Joseline does identify as a Black Puerto Rican, just to clear that up that I am not making up assumptions about her racial background. I do feel like Latin America does have some race issues that they need to come to terms with like that fact that so many “Latinos” are of African descent but may not identify because of social stigma.

  • NotStr8Acting

    The F word is homophobic, was homophobic, will ALWAYS be homophobic.

    This bull by some who defend the word, and hetero worshipping apologist who love to spin it and hetero-wash the word will never, ever work. Why? because it has and will always have an association to gay, and belittling gays, and in thsi example she CLEARLY meant it as an insult to being gay.

    I find it very troubling that some members of our community are first in line to call out any notions of racism, and find racism to be the most deplorable thing, all while in the same sentence attempting to get the gay community to be as complacent as they choose to be toward homophobia.

    Racism is no worse than homophobia. They are both bad, and cut from the same cloth, so don’t you dare lecture us on the evils of the ‘N’ word while trying to make the F word more acceptable.

    We the gay community will never stand for it, nor do we have to. Words like that directly contribute to societal homophobia, street homophobia, and cultural homophobia, and will always be denounced by the great gay community.

  • Scott Johansen

    Interesting. So you feel the word ‘nigress’ is horribly offensive. No one should be called the N word. There’s no excuse or reason for using it, and you wouldn’t even talk to someone who said it. All in the same breath, you freely use the word f*ggot at gay people, think it’s even amusing to casually use it with friends, and generally don’t see much problem with it. Even though it’s the same word our gay youth state in their suicide letters is the word that drove them to take their lives. Even though gay bullied kids get demonized by that word on a daily basis. Even though that brutally hateful word was the last word many gays heard when they were alive before a fatal hate crime they endured. Even though the word has clearly contributed to great pain hurt and isolation for many gays, because it’s targetting GAY people and because it effects GAY people….it’s perfectly fine to overlook the hurt that word creates. But a racial slur? That’s the only place we should draw the line. Gay slurs? meh. They are directed at gays, who aren’t really true human beings, so who cares what they feel, right?

    Congrats. It’s people like you who encourage the homophobia in ethnic communities. It’s people like you who are the reason gays have a much harder time to attain acceptance in racial minority communities. And it’s people like you who create the general divide between ethnic/racial minorities and gays. In order to fit in, you all but promote homophobia. Don’t be upset when we don’t join you on that self serving mission.

  • Reality101

    I generally never waste a moment of my precious life engaging those who would defend the use of this *homophobic* word laced with hate, but I’ll entertain the two posters in the comments sections here who think they are cute when they use this word. You’re not cute. Or hip. Or less gay. Or seen as cooler. You’re a basic sell-out. You’re giving the green light to your straight friends to go around and use other derogatory slang terms that insult gays. Like “that’s so gay” and “d-ke” and “f-g”….why is it as a society we’ve decided negative terms toward Jews, Blakcs and Hispanics are completely unacceptable, but phrases that directly and indirectly insult LGBT are safe and “cute”…that any gay person would use them is just…..pathetic. How badly do you want to fit in? and be accepted? and liked? Have some integrity.
    Anti gay phrases aren’t cute to most LGBT because:
    We can legally be fired in a majority of states for being gay
    We are discriminated every day for being gay
    We get over 1,000 benefits eleminated from us strictly for who we love
    We get burned, hung, and stoned in parts of the world for who we are
    We are unequal. In laws, in respect and in rights. We’re treated unequally.

    So to then have language in socities vernacular that facilitates homophobia is being a champion of it.
    But then again, most well adjusted, healthy minded, educated, compassionate GLBT know this already.
    It’s almost always the self hating, one foot in the closet-one foot out, bitter GLBT who find anti gay phrases not only appropriate to use, but will go out of their way to defend them being used. We all know this is the same camp of gays who in school would, at best: be the bystandards to gay kids being bullied
    and at worst:
    be the first to bully the gay kid to feel wanted by the cool kids.
    So really, consider your source when you ever hear a fellow gay go off on a “f-g this, f-gggots! that” rant. There’s usually more issues than meets the eye there. Personal experience with said people has taught me that.

  • NotStr8Acting

    @Reality101: Beautiful, poignant, well said and real. I’m saving your post, if you don’t mind. perfectly stated. every last word.

  • Rockery


    Ok if that is what she identifies as cool, I don’t watch that show, don’t think I will be watching a time soon lol

  • Papi Balenciaga

    @Fitz: Feel better puddin’? MOST people of color are not offened by that word anymore.. Just words dawg, just words. Just like most LGBT people of color are not offended by what Josaline said. Sticks and stones bitch, sticks and stones.

  • Eban

    OK let be more clear. I think there is a time and place for everything. I use the N-word and the F-word because I am a part of those communities. I don’t use them in public and would never say them to a stranger. I don’t think that is appropriate. I use the words to take away their power and meaning. When someone calls me “nigger” or “faggot,” they can’t hurt me with those words because to me they mean something completely different.

    You are right, there are so many kids coming up that have to hear that word every day and it wears on them. We of all people know what power our words have. i work in a Black Latino community who get kicked all the time just for being Black. The word “negro” is used as an insult. So when I hear them saying words like “faggot” I bring up the fact that we don’t like it when someone calls us nigger so why would we put someone down for being gay? I got a youth group to team up to be a part of a network that celebrates diversity and fights to end all forms of discrimination. So don’t get it twisted, I am doing my part to have that conversation with my people.

  • Scott Johansen

    @Papi Balenciaga: Sounds like you ARE offended, or else you wouldn’t have responded to Fitz. Seems to me some LGBT of color only get offended when words are directed at their race, not so much at their sexuality. Blame homophobia for that.

  • Ruhlmann

    I got called a faggot by a black guy once. I said “if you were a white man that would be an insult”. Well didn’t that piss him right off.

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