Love In Action’s Not So Shocking Gendered Messages!

While Jimmy Im’s living it up at WinterPride, we’ve been hard at working planning our next issue. While we can’t give away any of the details, we can say that our research led us over to the Love In Action website.

In case you’re not aware, Love in Action’s one of the many ex-gay movements who claim homosexuality can be cured through “the power of Jesus”. Founded in 1973 by John Evans and the Reverend Kent Philpott, they define their purpose thus:

Love in Action International is passionately committed to helping people discover the truth about God and about who they really are in his son Jesus. In the safety and strength of God’s love men and women of all ages have found the courage to step out of destructive and enslaving life behaviors.

Of course, destructive and enslaving behaviors can be read as many things, but the group focuses primarily on the most damning of all behaviors: same-sex lovin’.

Upon entering their site, the reader’s asked to choose one of three links: men, women and clergy. It’s with the first two that we’re concerned. What’s this concern? Well, dive into the glorious jump to find out…

Possessing a penis, we decided to head into the male-dominated page first. Here’s what we found:


We’re really glad you’ve found us.

We understand what it feels like to be a man with a sexual struggle… the frustration and pain of sexual addiction, the confusion and shame of homosexual desires, the secret compulsion of online pornography, the growing sense of hopelessness and despair.

We also understand the pressure of simply being a man in today’s world. It’s increasingly unclear exactly what a man is supposed to be: am I expected to be a leader? Am I allowed to have emotions? What if I’m not interested in many of the “man things” I’m expected to enjoy? What exactly makes a man, anyway?

We understand that these issues are difficult and complex and can begin to make us feel trapped and alone… but we know there is a way out. We know there is a new way to live.

It is our privilege to provide a safe place where you can remove yourself from the life-dominating addictions you wrestle with. In this safe place, you can begin to experience new clarity as you explore the roots of your sexual struggles and examine the foundations of your identity in the company of others who understand will journey alongside you.

You are not alone… we invite you to take a look at Love in Action and explore the ways that we can serve you.

How supportive, right? In fact, it’s more than supportive – it’s practically groveling, begging to serve the man his God given sexual power. It’s their privilege to lead them down the path to true manhood.

Reading that, one would expect something similar for the ladies, right? Wrong. Here’s what they get:

Dear Sister,

We are encouraged by this first step you are taking to seek out the answers you’ve been looking for, and we hope you are too.

As a woman, sexual addiction can be very embarrassing… but you are not alone. Countless women struggle with homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, adultery and emotional dependency. Addictions leave us feeling used, abused, hopeless and abandoned. Love in Action is here to help you find the path God has designed for you. In Him there is enough grace, hope and love to change your life in miraculous ways.

Love in Action wants to be a place of refuge where you can be still and find rest. We know your struggles are confusing, and we have a loving staff that wants to help you sort through your pain. We have all fallen short of God’s glory, so we are here to encourage and not condemn you. We want to build you up, not tear you down.

We invite you to look at the different opportunities we can provide here at Love in Action. It is our prayer that you hear God’s voice and follow his guidance.

Um, what? Is it us or does that seem a little accusatory, as if the women are terrible sinners, while the men’s transgressions are more understandable, for being a man’s so difficult.

Meanwhile, the men’s letter ends with a promise to serve, while the women’s ends with a desperate plea. Sure, we shouldn’t really be surprised by these gendered differences, but we thought it worth noting. You know, in case you care about things like that…