It's Really Quite Terrible

Love, Lives Lost In Post-Divorce Murder

Some sad news out of Florida. Five people are dead in what appears to be a divorce drama gone terribly, horribly, nightmarishly awry.

27-year old Jennifer Davis and 36-year old Oliver Thomas Bernsdorff had been married for eight months years when Bernsdorff filed for divorce last August. Davis moved out and took up with Andrea Pisanello, whom she met at a Unitarian church and told friends she “loved”. Bernsdorrf didn’t seem to like this turn of events and reportedly began beating Davis.

Things got so bad, in fact, that Davis went to a domestic violence support group last Thursday. Her friends suggested she call the police. She didn’t. Bernsdorff shot Davis the next day. He also killed their children and Pisanello. He killed himself, as well.

It’s worth noting that St. Petersburg Times refers to Pisanello as Davis’ “roommate,” but then discusses their relationship. Queer.