Does That Mean No Blowies?

Love Means Keeping Meat, Milk Separate

Two Australian homos sure are breaking boundaries. Via Same Same:

Homosexuality and Judaism are not two things that you think would go together, but two Australian Jews are trying to change that.

Scott Whitmont and Christopher Whitmont-Stephenson will be the first Australian couple to have their relationship recognized by Jewish religious authorities. “We will be kosher,” Scott told the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday. “We are committed to each other, we love each other, we want to live a Jewish life together.”

So, which one’s going sacrifice their sack to the overbearing, guilt-inducing mother? We’d venture a guess, but they both look like bottoms to us.

The gents had a wedding last month, but are having another, more religious ceremony later this year. It’ll be the first of its kind in Australia. Unless some jealous queen sees their article and decides to get to Temple first, in which case, it won’t be…