True confessions

He loves his girlfriend, but wants to perform oral on a guy. Cool?

He loves his girlfriend so much it hurts. In many ways, they have the ideal relationship — except for one minor detail: He really wants to perform oral sex on a guy.

“Nothing too unusual here,” he begins — hardly ever a good sign.

Writing into Redditthe conflicted young man describes himself as “mostly straight, but bi-curious… I’ve really gotten obsessed with the idae of finding a man off Grindr or something to give oral sex to.”

“I am in a happy relationship with my girlfriend, so as much as the desire is to do this, I don’t think I could go through with it because I love her and don’t want to cheat.

However, I do jack off to gay porn sometimes, which she doesn’t know about. That’s as far as I would go I guess. Maybe if we break up in the future I will try some stuff out, but for now I think the guilt would get to me. Yet, I really, really want to do it.”

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Now he’s wondering whether he should broach the subject with his significant other:

“I guess if it got THAT much in my mind I would ask her,” he says, “but I reckon that would really weird her out. Not because she’s homophobic, but she has on reason to thin that we aren’t in a 100% happy, sexually fulfilling relationship. I guess harmless porn will have to do.

Anyone else been in this position?”

Needless to say, fellow Redditors have some very strong opinions about all this oral sex business, and they aren’t afraid to share them.

“Why not just talk to your girlfriend?” Linadaddy suggests — perhaps not so innocently.

“Say it’s something you want to try. I don’t think you will get away with the ‘I am not gay or bi’ routine, but your desire is only going to get worse.”

“I think you could certainly bring it up in conversation,” says hodlmkt.

“But you have to be careful not to frame it in a way that tells her you’re more interested in dick than her.

If you don’t think you can fight the urge, be honest with her and tell her what you think, and then make a decision based off what she says.”

“I would bring it up if I were you,” says pinup-girl.

Yeah, why not?

“It never hurts, and she might even be open for a threesome. The worst that she could do is say no or get upset. If you play your cards right she probably wouldn’t be upset for too long or get over it and be understanding. Honest communication is key.”

What advice would you give this man? Should he keep his fantasies private and special? Fess up to his ladylove? Call you immediately and go to town on your throbbing man-scabbard? Sound off in the comments below, eh?