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  • fredo777

    Why is this surprising, considering the filthy campaign run by the GOP this go-’round?

    All he has to do is agree to reimburse the campaign for the expenses + move on.

  • Tim

    Who says the GOP doesn’t have good timing,
    she just died today I wonder if they just drop this now and forget it

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Senator Barack Obama’s white grandmother who mostly raised him passed away today. The GOP are just handing out their defeats in so many desperate measures to the Democrats. Expect 60% congress, too!

  • Okie

    Just when you thought that the Republicans couldn’t get any lower.

  • michael

    low rent scum bags. Absolutely desperate and shows how low they will go to get anything they want. Republicans are so evil.

  • michael

    let the richest black woman in american donate the plane fare ! go oprah yal can all kiss her ass !

  • james ii

    hope they’re proud of themselves. real classy.

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