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Lucien Laviscount strips (twice); Boy Butter ad banned in Chicago; a sexy new male stripper doc

Heard of Atlanta’s Swinging Richards,”the only gay strip club in the heart of The Bible Belt”?

Actor Gerald McCullouch (Bear City) has assembled a fleshy documentary called All Male, All Nude that peels back the grubby curtain on the joyfully sleazy establishment, putting viewers in its strippers’ white patent-leather go-go boots.

View the trailer here.

Fans of Billy on the Street, brace yourself: Billy Eichner is officially joining the cast of American Horror Story next season. Precious little is known about his involvement — including whether or not he’ll be offed in gruesome fashion — but he tells Deadline he “will mostly be wearing mysterious tank tops.”

Actor Lucien Laviscount (Scream Queens) is giving fans much to pine over, as he gamely strips down for the original web series Snatch, based on the hardboiled 2000 movie. Although critically panned, the horror movie Bye Bye Man also lingers lovingly over Laviscount’s physique , so… check that out?

Too much? According to its official blog, a new Boy Butter ad has been unceremoniously banned in Chicago:

One would think that in the Mid West the sight of a butter churn would bring back nostalgic feelings of nearby dairy farms, but alas if a gay man is churning that butter, not so much.

“I think it’s Chicago’s loss and a clear representation of how shamed and stigmatized our sexuality is,” says Daniel Robinson, the director and producer of the ad.

Watch it here:

David Beckham shills his H&M underwear line in a new video directed by Guy Ritchie, which finds the former pro soccer player hurdling through the streets of Beverly Hills in a desperate (and ultimately fruitless) search for his bathrobe.