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Luke Herbert: ‘It’s Time To Fight Back’ Against Schools That Don’t Protect LGBT Students

It began in November. That’s when Luke Herbert, then a freshman at Flagler Palm Coast High School, began receiving death threats over Facebook from a classmate, who said he’d carry Luke out in a body bag. The school assured Luke and his family they’d keep him safe, and remove the student from the school. That was a lie, Luke explains himself, as was the notion of safety: his own shop teacher Floyd Binkley began targeting Luke over his sexuality. The ACLU got involved and, depending on who you ask, worked out a satisfactory settlement with the school that included an apology from the teacher and merely a recommendation that the school adopt anti-bullying rules specifically including LGBT students. Meanwhile, his student tormenter is back at the school. “It’s time to fight back,” says Luke, who doesn’t want another teen at FPC to be treated the way he was. “The LGBT community doesn’t deserve things like this, and I’m appalled that I was treated like that. And it wasn’t right. And they need to have consequences.” Keep on speaking, Luke. You’ve got everyone’s attention.