Luke & Noah, Daytime’s Adorable Gay Couple, Have Sex

Your editor’s first job out of college was designing the on-set computer graphics for One Life to Live and All My Children and yes, that job is as random as it sounds, but it also started a lifelong, albeit belated, love affair with soap operas and no storyline has been more entertainingly goofy than that of As The World Turns boyfriends Luke & Noah, who yesterday, finally got it on.

Sure, it took seven months and a letter-writing campaign from fans (thank you Michael Jensen) to get the two to even kiss, but things happen slowly on soaps, both plot-wise and in regards to slow wheels of corporate standards-and-practices, which is why the fact that ATWT showed that the couple had sex is basically the best thing to happen to daytime, ever.

Watch it after the jump.

And if that weren’t enough, Entertainment Weekly‘s cutie scoopster Michael Ausiello says Calvin, the “gay brother” on ABC Family’s Greek, will get a new gay love interest in Gregory Michael, the Dante’s Cove import. “Michael’s character is described as a genetically-blessed (see pic, left), closeted Omega Chi active who comes out to Calvin — which is all well and good until the two end up rooming together. Sexual tension abounds, as does some serious heavy petting (or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days).”

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  • Ed

    Oddly, for the thumbnail for the article on the main page, you chose a picture of Casey, straight heart-throb sweetheart, instead of either character involved in doing the deed. Granted, Casey has been playing cupid for our star crossed lovers, but it seemed a strange choice. Of course, Casey as Morning Goods, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • thisismikesother

    ugh, that was so ‘effing adorable.

  • Alexa

    How cute was that? Soaps have sure changed since I last watched them. How soon before one of them gets written out a la Grey’s Anatomy?

  • Smokey Martini

    Correction: Luke and Noah did, indeed, kiss on the show when the storyline first began. Twice. But then their signs of affection was down-graded to hugs and hand-holding. All thanks (supposedly) to the complaints sent in from all those stay-at-home moms.

    Like the Richardson Inauguration ordeal, this is yet another case in which our voices have been heard!

  • Cole

    that was it!?!?! close to 2 years of waiting since Luke came out and you get one kiss and then the aftermath of a shower?? CBS and Proctor and Gamble didn’t even show the two in bed together. If it were a straight couple it would have played out over the entire episode.

  • Scudder

    That was great. It’d be great to know the advertisers that supported this episode. They deserve our support.

  • Rob Moore

    @Cole: It’s a start. I was a kid but remember the collective gasp when Lt. Uhuru, a black woman, kissed a very white Captain Kirk on Star Trek and they were forced to kiss by mean aliens. I came close to being forbidden to watch the show anymore. These two guys kissed because the characters wanted to kiss. America will get there faster than you think. After years of Will and Grace nonsense, this was a pretty big step forward.

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