spilt vodka

Lush-ious Lance Bass Booted From Hamptons Polo Match Long After Last Call

Lance Bass was just trying to enjoy himself at Bridgehampton Polo when a security guard dumped his drink on him. Oh, you mean Lance refused to leave the boozefest?

For the uninitiated, polo matches in the Hamptons are where women with big hats and stylish gays go to mingle, sip citrus-infused cocktails, and ignore a sport that involves grown men swinging sticks at a tiny ball from atop beautiful stallions. And that’s where Lance found himself Saturday. Except after the game ended, and reportedly an hour after the VIP lounge offered last call, he was still there and wasn’t taking the hint to leave.

Lance took his frustration to Twitter. The event’s organizers took to the Post. And producer gay Adam Shankman and Christina Applegate got involved.