Lutheran College Suspends Entire Golf Team For Taking Awesome Naked Photo

The golf coach of Bethany College suspended his entire 15-member men’s golf team from playing in the next three tournaments for taking a nude team shot where the men covered their junk with clubs and golf accessories. He chided the team for not upholding the reputation of the team and college, but the team has appealed the coach’s decision to the college president. Really though, the coach should thank his team for finally making golf exciting.

You can see the NSFW shot after the jump!

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  • EdWoody

    Uh, no you can’t. It’s the same picture.

  • Mykelb

    Well? Where is it?

  • Ian

    So sad that we Americans are so uptight about the human body that some silly fun like that leads to suspension by their coach.

  • Bryan

    WHAT? hot, young, non-middle aged guys who play golf? How does that happen. Oh, wait the team is still predominately white, so I guess some things still remain normal.

  • Riker

    @Bryan: Why do you hate white people so much?

  • Maddie

    Wooow naked thanks sooo much i love you

  • Khristiaan

    Men are gorgeous its there right to pose nude if they want to. the only offense to this photo is that they arent showing their d**ks like most men dont cause there are too ashamed of what they were born with. It’s a body part get the hell over it.

  • Maddie

    I agree but photos so Hooooot

  • Pete

    Hat’s off to them. See, golfers do have sense of humor about the sport. Re-instate the team. Let them play.

  • slanty

    That’s Lutherans for you.

  • Bryan

    @Riker: Okay, I guess I should have put a smilie, it was a joke and I was just tying to play on the fact that golf is a sport for mostly white people.

  • Greenwick

    Haha. That is brilliant!

  • Steve

    Ever since photography was invented, there has been a tradition of sports teams taking this sort of pictures. Usually they take two “team” pictures — one for the frame on the wall, and the other for “private” viewing.

    All of the other sports teams at the school should follow suit. Or, perhaps, all of the other golf teams in the league. Traditions must be continued.

  • Mkiel

    They are NOT naked!!!!

  • MikeE

    @Mkiel: well, yes, technically, they ARE “naked”. Whether your view of the entire details of the nakedness is obscured by intervening items of golf equipment is entirely irrelevant. They remain unclothed – dicks exposed to your view or not.

  • Maddie

    Hahahah they All have big dick

  • Maddie

    Hooot body but nathing one is handsome

  • Maddie

    @Mkiel: they naked do you want to see dicks

  • Jon

    Can we focus on the real issue here?

    How do you get bodies like that playing golf?

  • mannydog

    Remember: It’s not the size of your club, but how you swing it!


    Damm, wish I could see their putters…………..

  • declanto

    It would be hot and reassuring to see that their balls are in the right places (sigh) but Imagination is a wonderful thing.

  • Seandee

    I’m sorry…has anyone realised yet that there is a COLLEGE GOLF TEAM?!?!?!?!?! WTF Taking BS sports scholarships to a whole new low.

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