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Lutheran Pastor Tom Brock Blamed ELCA’s Tornado on Homosexuality. Which, Uh, He Suffers From

[flv:http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/06/brockelca.flv http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/06/brock03994.jpg 650 400]

The Rev. Tom Brock, the senior pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis, is the winner who blamed August’s tornado during the ELCA conference’s gay clergy vote on The Gays. Yes, for real. Brock took his congregation out of ELCA because of their tolerance for homosexuality (and funding for pastor abortions), and has spent countless sermons and YouTube videos railing against you queers. But, what’s this, Brock is a member of a group therapy group for recovering homosexuals?

(Update: The original YouTube video — of Brock preaching against ELCA and the queers — was pulled in the hours after our post. Luckily, we saved a copy.)

Brock belongs to Faith in Action, the Minnesota chapter of the Catholic Church’s Courage group, which teaches gays how to avoid giving in to their gay feelings. That’s the report out of Lavender, the queer Minnesota magazine, which exposes Brock as a member of the tribe, struggling with his same-sex attractions — which proved too great on a recent trip to Slovakia. Reporter John Townsend writes about his encounter with Brock at one of these meetings (raising all sorts of questions about privacy and ethics).

Welcome, Brock, to the fold of George Alan Rekers, where closeted homophobes must travel internationally to get their rocks off.

[Lavender Magazine]

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  • Matthew Rettenmund

    Right, Javier, he has a right to do so. But when he begins using religion to try to persuade people that gays are causing tornadoes, fuck him and you.

  • BenR

    Millions of gays around the world put Jesus first without even thinking about it. Since, you know, Jesus didn’t say jack shit about homosexuality or same-gender sexual and/or romantic relationships.

  • Mike L.

    @Javier: Prude

  • truthreller

    They just took down Tom Brock’s videos. Cowards, afraid of the truth. Too funny!

  • christopher di spirito

    Rev. Tom Brock is one fucked up dude.

  • truthreller

    @ Javier

    There is a lot wrong with being a fraud and claiming to have integrity. He actively has sex with other men, which makes him not celibate, and he carries a crusade to make life miserable for other gays, which makes him unchristian.

  • Lanjier

    Loved this article. Demonic sex energy and gay gypsy spells in Slovakia! LOL! Hahahahahahahahaha. I am totally going to Slovakia.

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    I wonder what parts of the gypsies he thought stank the most?

  • Gridlock

    Oh fuck Jesus. He doesn’t need to be put first by anybody, he’s the damn son of God. If that doesn’t bump you to the first of the line for pretty much ANYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE, i dunno what does.

    Let’s think about each other first.

  • jarvisbearcub

    Just remember… secrecy is a virtue of Western Capitalism, not of Christianity. So his privacy rights maybe be civilly valid, but they are ecclesial bullshit.

  • L.

    Toothless pickpocketing gypsies, eh, Pastor? Well – whatever lifts your emotional luggage, as they now say.

  • Who Cares

    He´s hot…I´d do him, and I bet he´s a bottom

  • Jay


    Yes, those hot, swarthy, sweaty gypsy men with their rippling muscles, cast a spell on Gym-Queen-for-Jesus Tom Brock with their musky, male magic.

    Blame it on them. They must be obliterated!

  • rrr

    The gypsies of Eastern Europe would be more springtime fresh for your finicky nose if they didn’t have to deal with severe ethnic prejudice all the time, Rev. Brock.

    I don’t think Jesus would have approved of you holding your nose with revulsion at the poor or social minorities.

  • B

    Give Pastor Tom Brock some slack: he’s been in a bad mood ever since a house dropped on his sister.

  • alan brickman

    Gays hate Gays? not surprising..straight guys don’t even think about this…

  • Jimmi

    Another Right Wing self-hating gay man.

  • Baxter

    I hear gypsies kidnap children and sell them to the circus.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    I’m surprised everyone missed the obvious reason as to why he “fell into temptation” with the “filthy, smelly, toothless, gypsies” when he clearly has traveled the world and seen some real gorgeous men. TOOTHLESS is the operative word here. When he says he fell into temptation, he clearly meant dick first into their toothless mouths. Nothing like that smooth, wet, gummy feeling, right guys?? Guys? Hello??

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    Perhaps we as a community can get a movement going where we agree to give up the fight for gay marriage if every time one of their hypocritical leaders is caught diddling a boy or man, they agree to be executed, “like the bible says.” I think this can be a very satisfying agreement for both their side and ours.

  • vegetablelollipop


  • Steve

    What an idiot. These types of self-haters never take full responsibility for their actions. They blame it on others, like the gypsies. Yeah, Jesus loves people like that.

  • dvlaries

    How rich. In the 80s, there was a gay porn star named Tom Brock.

  • B

    No. 21 · james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: “I’m surprised everyone missed the obvious reason as to why he ‘fell into temptation'” ….

    Well, one obvious reason (whether true or not) is that he took a side trip to Prague and ran into some Bel Ami “actors”.

  • SaveYourSoul_WorshipTheFlyingSpaghettiMonster


    “Millions of gays around the world put Jesus first without even thinking about it. Since, you know, Jesus didn’t say jack shit about homosexuality or same-gender sexual and/or romantic relationships.”

    Millions of gays around the world put The Flying Spaghetti Monster first without even thinking about it too. Since, you know, The Flying Spaghetti Monster didn’t say jack shit about homosexuality or same-gender sexual and/or romantic relationships…

  • obiwan

    I think it is great when ex-gay homophobes’ hypocrisy is exposed. Perhaps as investigators expose this hypocrisy more frequently then people will become more accepting of what can’t be changed and conservative religious people more civil in their discourse.

  • Lucius vorenus

    Madness. These guys are mad. That is what self hatred and religious dogma do to people.

  • Gustav

    This guy is in real trouble, I mean really, going to counseling from papists! OMG!

  • Po

    WHile I definitely definitely do NOT agree with Tom Brock, his status as a “recovering” homosexual and views on homosexuality are not actually in conflict with one another. He believes homosexuality to be something one must avoid, like other sins. So he tries to do so, occasionally he fails. Just like occasionally we all lie, doesn’t mean we have to throw our faith out of the window. Nor does it mean we have to endorse liars.

    That being said his opinions are ridiculous and hateful.

  • Justin Normand

    @Javier: You’re right. He DOES have a right to live his life however he wants to. Everyone’s rub with him is that HE doesn’t think WE should have the right to live OUR lives however WE want to.
    And, you think he should be “admired for putting Jesus first”. Isn’t that open to interpretation, though? You simply assume that his actions actually DO put Jesus “first”. There is room enough for disagreement on this that some legitimately argue that he does exactly the opposite by blaming tornadoes on the queers.
    Tell you what – when you and he finally get your own heads figured out, then you can start thinking about everyone else’s.

  • Kent

    You are an idiot, brainwashed, Christian. There is nothing normal about being celibate, gay or straight. It is completely abnormal to abstain from sex. Christians are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. How many Christians do you see at the anti-war protests? They (for the most part) are hateful to gay people and will even shun their own gay children (how mighty Christlike). Screw most Christians except ones who really love and compassion.

  • Jonathan

    This is a prime example of how extreme religious beliefs have ruined this mans self-image. His self-hate has shattered his self-worth.
    One day, this will be a relic of the past. So much condemnation of gay people, even by themselves.

    Love each other – we’re all we have.

  • Cassandra


    You are a bigot.

    For some people, celibacy is normal, for some people it is not. Most people abstain from sex at times in their lives, for all kinds of reasons.

    However, your use of the concept of normal is dishonest, for Javier used a different concept – right and wrong, and there is nothing wrong with choosing, of one’s own free will, to be celibate, for any reason.

    And before you lie about me, I’m not defending Javier’s post, I’m rebuking your prejudice and dishonesty. Javier is wrong about celibacy as a way “to glorify Jesus” – using sex, either by performing it or by abstaining from it, as act of worship is inappropriate at least, in Christian theology.

    As for hypocrisy, people like you, in my opinion, are the biggest hypocrites in all of this mess, because you complain about anti-gay prejudice, and then malign all people of faith in a stunning and vicious display of your own prejudice.

    And don’t make excuses for it, because you will inevitably use all the same kinds of excuses that homophobes use.

    I’ve actually been to anti-war protests, and not surprisingly, ran into many people from the church attended, and from other churches. Some denominations are consistently opposed to war:

    “Many conscientious objectors cite religious reasons. Unitarian Universalists object to war in their sixth principle “The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all”. Members of the Historic Peace Churches such as Quakers, Mennonites, Amish, and Church of the Brethren object to war from the conviction that Christian life is incompatible with military action, because Jesus enjoins his followers to love their enemies and to refuse violence. Jehovah’s Witnesses, while not pacifist in the strict sense, refuse to participate in the armed services on the grounds that they believe they should be neutral in worldly conflicts and often cite the latter portion of Isaiah 2:4 which states, “…neither shall they learn war anymore.” Other objections can stem from a deep sense of responsibility toward humanity as a whole, or from simple denial that any government possesses the moral authority to command warlike behavior from its citizens.

    In the early Christian Church followers of the Christ refused to take up arms.

    In as much as they [Jesus’ teachings] ruled out as illicit all use of violence and injury against others, clearly implied [was] the illegitimacy of participation in war… The early Christians took Jesus at his word, and understood his inculcations of gentleness and non-resistance in their literal sense. They closely identified their religion with peace; they strongly condemned war for the bloodshed which it involved.
    — The Early Christian Attitude to War.

    After the Roman Empire officially embraced Christianity, the Just War theory was developed in order to reconcile warfare with Christian belief. After Theodosius I made Christianity an official religion of the Empire, this position slowly developed into the official position of the Western Church. In the 11th century, there was a further shift of opinion in the Latin-Christian tradition with the crusades, strengthening the idea and acceptability of Holy War. Objectors became a minority. Some theologians see the loss of a pacifist position as a great failing of the Church; see Constantinian shift and Christian pacifism.

    Because of their conscientious objection to participation in military service, whether armed or unarmed, Jehovah’s Witnesses have often faced imprisonment or other penalties. In Greece, for example, before the introduction of alternative civilian service in 1997, hundreds of Witnesses were imprisoned, some for three years or even more for their refusal. In Armenia, young Jehovah’s Witnesses have been imprisoned (and remain in prison) because of their conscientious objection to military service. The government of South Korea also imprisons hundreds for refusing the draft. In Switzerland, virtually every Jehovah’s Witness is exempted from military service. The Finnish government exempts Jehovah’s Witnesses from the draft completely.

    The following is said of the Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) by a neutral, non-SDA organization: “Many Seventh-day Adventists refuse to enter the army as combatants, but participate as medics, ambulance drivers, etc. During World War II in Germany, many SDA conscientious objectors were sent to concentration camps or mental institutions; some were executed. Some Seventh-day Adventists volunteered for the US Army’s Operation Whitecoat. The Church preferred to call them “conscientious participants”, because they were willing to risk their lives as test subjects in potentially life-threatening research. Over 2,200 Seventh-day Adventists volunteered in experiments involving various infectious agents during the 1950s through the 1970s in Fort Detrick, MD. “[18] A schism arose during and after World War I between Seventh-day Adventists in Germany who agreed to serve in the military if conscripted and those who rejected all participation in warfare — the latter group eventually forming a separate church (the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement).[19] ”

    The reality is that people of faith are even more diverse than GLBTQ people, but you have judged all of us by the actions of some, just as homophobes judge all GLBTQ people by the actions of some.

    “They (for the most part) are hateful to gay people”

    That’s not accurate. About half of all people of faith in the U.S. are supportive of GLBTQ civil equality, and about half oppose it, and of those who oppose it, most are responding out of ignorance rather than true malice. In contrast, atheism is intrinsically an expression of malice, and while homophobes hate 10% of humanity, atheists hate 90% of humanity.

    “will even shun their own gay children ” Some do, many more do not. You fixate on the bad apples and judge all people of faith, just as homophobes fixate on “bad gays” and judge all of us.

    “Screw most Christians except ones who really love and compassion.”

    Clearly though, you wouldn’t recognize either trait, or you wouldn’t say “screw them” – which is about inciting rape after all – about anyone.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @Cassandra: You really are an effin’ loon. Get some help. Take your f’ing bullshit Catholic religion, which along with other forms of Christianity and Islam, has caused nothing but bloodshed and misery, from the religious crusades to the ignorance and death it still causes (telling poor, AIDS-ridden Africans not to use condoms, telling them to abstain when they know they’ll have sex and spread aids and pregnancy in the third world), to the religious conflicts we’re still going through (Christians vs. Muslims vs. everyone), the amount of scientific knowledge that has been suppressed to satisfy the demands of superstitious morons in the Church (how many scientists did the Catholic church have directly killed starting in the 17th century??…I can literally go on for 50 more pages), take it all and go to hell. Seriously. Leave thinking people alone, mindless idiot! (and please don’t respond…nobody reads your endless rants… I mean did Jesus not teach you how to make your point in 500 words or less?)

  • Jose

    @james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge: your response shows that you are on the loosing end of a debate. Not understanding your opponent is truly where your point begins and ends.

  • counterpoll

    @Cassandra: Do you have any data or insight on what % of church-affiliated Christians belong to LGBT-affirming churches? I’ve sent some requests out for that info, but so far I only have had a few responses. I’ve had some great letters from local pastors, but they can only provide data on their own [local] membership.

    I very much would appreciate your help. Thank you!

  • BamBam

    @ Jose:
    Yes, let’s all bother with the “well, some of us feel…”. Celibacy isn’t normal; and quoting a book on roman warfare does NOT have anything to do with this debate. Either Cassandra and you are idiots, think that gibberish makes you look smart, or have on special christian headgear which makes roundabout sermons seem relevant.

  • Jose


    Kent’s original charge was that Christians don’t apply their own philosophy in more everyday scenarios, Cassandra’s response was on different church positions and their present and visible actions. Responses such as James are overly emotional and senseless with their details, basically making everything he says hyperbole and not at par with Cassandra’s response.

    Celibacy is perfectly natural for those who find the lifestyle attractive and gifted with the ability to take full control of their lives. It’s obviously not for everybody but at the same time we are all human beings and not wild animals, we are able to control our instincts/lives and not act at will. Do you attack people when you are upset? Steal food when you are hungry? Why then wouldn’t you be able to control your genitalia when aroused. You don’t need to be a theological scholar to realize this.

  • hephaestion

    ALL anti-gay ministers and priests are closeted gay men. ALL of them. This is true in ALL of the major world religions.

  • Dylan

    That’s not God, that’s Thor.

  • Meh

    Oh gays, their own worst enemies.

  • gilber

    the Catholic church and all Abraham religions ,in fact all religions are demonic in nature,where there is the MINIMUN the MAXIMUM can be found.opposite sex attraction and sexual appetites to it(heterophilia) are, as i’ve said, the feeling of very promiscuous and obsessive minds.because “heterosexuality” has no physical existence(or properties by itself),for instance, it does not becomes inverted or spreads as homosexuality does, it is a derivative of it, a pseudo structure of its parent,homosexuality.it is a blatant exchange or trade of totally dichotomous body parts from one sex to the other.heterosexuality therefore couldn’t have come out of nothing ,it is the product of blending the two specific emissions(sexualities) of each different and dissimilar sex, having profound differences in composition,function and structure.this lack of sexual homogeneity is what have caused the collapse of morality in all realms, material and ethereal,with the subsequent grow of demonic consciousness passing as angelic.homos and homosexuals have been entrapped in this depravity as they stem from a MAXIMA of purity and order(their Ascendant and ethereal control center).even when they want to practice “heterosexuality” they do it in a more logical,more respectful and more truthful,physically and morally way.heterosexuality is a fabrication created by behavioral and social scientists made by inverting the psycho-physical proprieties of sexual homologous and sexually inverted couples,for instance, they claim it is not a choice ,whereas homosexuality is, this is even when most homosexuals don’t have a clue what a clitoris looks like,go figure.hasta luego……

  • Ben

    The man thought gypsies gave him a gay curse? Like the Evil Eye but instead its swishy cousin? That’s hilarious.

  • nikko

    GILBERT, wtf??! No seriously, try that again AFTER you’ve taken your meds!!

  • BillySaint

    @Nikko, Zactly, Gils grammatical errors had me cross eyed much less the content. Agreed, meds first, then grammar school, then a very long nap.

  • Mike

    Where can I donate money to the ELCA??

  • JamesStone

    One of the BIGGEST obstacles to gay rights in this country are closeted gay people. They are so miserable with their own life choices they want to make gay people who are out and happy as miserable as themselves…

  • nikko

    @Cassandra: CASSANDRA, holy crap do you write alot!!!!!!

  • Adrian

    I thought the video was a spoof for a second. he should go on the Cobert Report!

  • Michael

    Odd. No mention of mobile home damage. Tornadoes usually look for mobile homes, which means they must be gay.

  • gilber

    i have to admit that every time one of these morons here advise me to take my meds i just think it is sooooo funny(LOL).my partner can’t stop laughing.

  • mav

    Well you know its always the loudest people against a topic that are normally the biggest sinners. Look at “Pastor Ted” and wasn’t RentBoy???

    I say go after every one of those Hypocritical Preachers and out any and all that you can.

  • nikko

    Right on, MAV!!! Gilbert, your writing is almost incomprehensible!! It’s a drain to read through your diatribes!! So funny, really?!! No really, take your meds, then write!

  • Jusuk

    There’s a lot of pretentious crap coming out his mouth. I bet you he’ll be more happier with his legs pointing north. I think its great that ECLA are fine with a gay clergy. Almost every Reference in the bible is practically against living all I know is that it seems that a substantial amount of bible pushers like Rev. Tom Brock are very DUPLICITOUS.

  • SaveYourSoul_WorshipTheFlyingSpaghettiMonster

    Couldn’t see the vid before because it was removed from Youtube. But now that I have…I have to say, this guy is such a superstitious fucktard. If he wants to go around thinking that weather is a sign from God, maybe he should look further into why lightning struck a statue of Jesus in front of a church with an Ex-Gay ministry in Ohio.

    No, I’m not being superstitious…because I don’t think there is any correlation between a (non-existent) deity and weather phenomena hitting unexpected places at unexpected times. I’m just pointing out the utter stupidity of his argument. The guy is delusional.

  • william kraal

    more proof that religion is a fucking scam!

  • David

    What?! He “got weak because of weird gypsy energy?”
    Hmmm . . . He’s refusing to take responsibility for his actions, saying he couldn’t help ‘going down on everything but the Titanic’ because of “weird energy.”
    Clearly, he has no business giving anybody any sort of counseling or advice, much less working as a congregational leader.


  • mykelb

    @Cassandra: You and all the religionists in this country will never accept the FACT that you cannot prove your dogma, either scientifically, or morally because your buybull is nothing if not dichotomous in its insanity. Note to you: STOP ABUSING PEOPLE WITH YOUR RELIGION AND GO AWAY. No one wants your opinion/bullshit here. Your statistics referring to athiests are repugnant. How about this statistic 99% of people who commit crimes and are convicted are religionists, less than 1% are athiests. Now refute that.

  • OT3P_Wolf

    Ha! This dude’s a nut-job! He sees “evil” everywhere. He’s even racist toward Gypsies and scapegoats them. He must pay for his hypocrisy, I hereby sentence him to be beheaded and to have his head placed on a pike.
    *gavel pounds*

  • trojanboy

    Wow. He’s really changed since he did porn in the eighties. I used to jerk off to
    Him being fucked on the subway by Jim Pulver. Shame.

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