Lynchburg Wants To Lynch Gays

Jerry Falwell

Members of a gay rights group are packing buses (no, not Priuses or VW’s, but actual BUSES, people) and traveling to Christian colleges all over the country. Their first stop? Liberty University. They’ll be Friday, much to the chagrin of Chancellor Jerry Falwell. And we all know how much he loves The Gays.

Thirty-five people will participate in the ride, and tour co-director Jake Reitan said that as many as 100 people could join them in Lynchburg.

But their presence will not be welcome.

Liberty has issued a statement from its chancellor, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, saying that the Equality Ride, which visited the campus last April in a trial run, will not be allowed to expose students to a “media circus that might present immorality in a positive light.”

We want to commend the folks over at Soulforce for braving schools in a city called Lynchburg (where the group is actually based!). Next stop: Gay-bashville!

Gay-rights activists to make stop at Liberty
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