MA District Attorney Candidate Michael Cahillane Almost Hid His Support to Vote Down Marriage Rights

Michael Cahillane, the Democrat running for a Massachusetts’ district attorney post, with his wife Christine joined some 143,000 others in signing a petition to outlaw same-sex marriage in the state. Now he’s all: Whoops!

Cahillane now says he regrets signing the document in 2005 sponsored by, which he originally signed because, hey, shouldn’t we all get a chance to vote on other people’s rights? The only reason we know he supported the right to eliminate the legislature-approved 2004 law is because his name, and the other 143,000, where published on after being tipped off by a local councilman, whom obtained the data because information wants to be free the names “were revealed on the petition following a Supreme Court ruling in Doe v. Reed. The June 24 majority decision read that the names of signatories of petitions and referendums are public knowledge. Local advocacy groups and the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus (MGLPC) both offered their support during the case, and published a list of the signatories following the ruling.”

( ended up with 140,000 valid signatures, “but the effort was overturned at the June 14 Constitutional Convention, and marriage equality was preserved in the state of Massachusetts.”)

Kind of helps explain the reason we need to know the names behind Referendum 71, eh?

While Cahillane says he now supports same-sex marriage, he doesn’t know if he backs the proposed Transgender Civil Rights Bill. He has yet to read it.