Macy’s Mannequin Window: Queerty Reader Reacts

Macy's window

After news broke about the Boston Macy’s pulling a gay-themed display window, Queerty reader Andrew became so inflamed with the retailer, he immediately drafted two flyers, walked over to Macy’s, and pasted them on the window.

The first flyer has the Boston Globe snippet below the text:

Celebrating minorities should never be offensive. Bring the mannequins back!

The second flyer has a before and after shot of the window and:

“They were male mannequins with enlarged breasts, and one was wearing a skirt. It was really disgusting.” —MassResistance President Brian Camenker

Shame on you, Macy’s, for bowing to such a juvenile complaint.

While we certainly don’t condone vandalism in any sort, affixing flyers to a Macy’s window shouldn’t push too many boundaries. Kudos to Queerty reader Andrew for using his lunch break for something progressive.

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