Macy’s Mannequin Window: Queerty Reader Reacts

Macy's window

After news broke about the Boston Macy’s pulling a gay-themed display window, Queerty reader Andrew became so inflamed with the retailer, he immediately drafted two flyers, walked over to Macy’s, and pasted them on the window.

The first flyer has the Boston Globe snippet below the text:

Celebrating minorities should never be offensive. Bring the mannequins back!

The second flyer has a before and after shot of the window and:

“They were male mannequins with enlarged breasts, and one was wearing a skirt. It was really disgusting.” —MassResistance President Brian Camenker

Shame on you, Macy’s, for bowing to such a juvenile complaint.

While we certainly don’t condone vandalism in any sort, affixing flyers to a Macy’s window shouldn’t push too many boundaries. Kudos to Queerty reader Andrew for using his lunch break for something progressive.

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  • Malcontent

    I emailed everyone I could find at Macy’s to tell them what I think of them, along with a few statistics about my readership.

    Perhaps y’all should as well. :-)

  • Anthony

    No offense to you Malcontent, but I’d rather e-mail Andrew to tell him that I’d marry him, if I could. I LOVE an angry queer who’s moved to action. Nice cojones, Andrew. You rock.

  • Will

    Federated Corporate does not seem to be answering its phones in Ohio. (I hope because we are complaining.) here is a list of Federated Store Numbers in the USA.

    7 West Seventh Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    151 West 34th Street
    New York, NY 10001

    500 Meadowlands Parkway
    Secaucus, NJ 07094

    5985 State Bridge Road
    Duluth, GA 30097

    9111 Duke Boulevard
    Mason, OH 45040

    151 West 34th Street
    New York, NY 10001

    151 W. 34th Street
    New York, NY 10001

    Credit Inquiries: 800-972-4243
    Customer Service: 800-526-1202
    Public Relations: 212-494-3893
    Human Resources:
    Executive 212-494-5337
    Store Line 212-494-7418
    Marketing/Advertising: 212-494-1963
    Bridal Registry: 800-44-WEDDING

    22 East Flagler Street
    Miami, FL 33131

    Credit Inquiries: 800-533-2304
    Customer Service: 305-835-5000
    Marketing/Advertising: 305-577-1858
    Media Relations: 305-577-1858
    Human Resources: 305-577-6727
    Bridal Registry: 800-878-9783

    11 Penn Plaza
    New York, NY 10001

    11 Penn Plaza
    New York, NY 10001

    601 Olive St.
    St. Louis, MO 63101

    700 Nicolet Mall
    Minneapolis, MN 55401

    Third Avenue and Pine Street
    Seattle, WA 98181

    Customer Service/Credit Inquiries: 206-506-6000
    Marketing/Advertising: 206-506-7500
    Media Relations: 206-506-7901
    Human Resources: 206-506-7237
    Bridal Registry: 800-638-9656

    223 Perimeter Center Parkway
    Atlanta, GA 30346
    Credit / Customer Service Inquiries:
    Rich’s-Macy’s: 800-241-0488
    Lazarus-Macy’s: 800-654-2813
    Goldsmith’s-Macy’s: 800-762-5856
    Human Resources: 770-913-4552
    Marketing/Advertising: 770-913-5140
    Media Relations: 770-913-4439
    Bridal Registry: 800-777-BRIDES

    50 O’Farrell Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102

    Customer Service/Credit Inquiries: 800-877-2655
    Human Resources: 415-954-6671
    Marketing/Advertising: 415-393-3475
    Media Relations: 415-393-3455
    Bridal Registry: 800-701-7112

    170 O’Farrell Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102

    PLEASE call or email and tell your friends to. But until this is over PLEASE DO NOT PATRONIZE ANY FEDERATED STORE.

  • Brandon Panaligan

    Here’s a list of emails for Federated and Macy’s corporate leadership, and a letter I sent this morning. They must answer for this…and feel the pain of our boycott. Spread the word!

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
    [email protected],
    [email protected]

    Letter I sent this morning…..

    Shame on you.

    I find the removal of the gay pride mannequins in Boston to be among the most offensive corporate acts in recent memory. Macy’s action to remove the mannequins was an cowardly act of capitulation to a group which actively seeks to dehumanize the lgbt population and deny us basic dignity, rights and respect. Your actions are egregious, and unless Macy’s restores the display, reaffirms its open, non-negotiable support of its gay customers nationwide, your actions will be met with my complete and total boycott of The Federated corporation ad infinitum.

  • Kelicious

    I wrote in to corporate. Kudos to everyone posting the numbers and address. If everyone reminds Macy’s who actually spends money there and who just listens to Ann Coulter, we might make a difference.

  • Will

    My recent letter.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been trying to get in contact with someone from Federated Corporate Headquarters and Macy’s all morning to no avail. I am TOTALLY APPALLED, SHOCKED, and DISGUSTED with Federated/Macy’s pulling the mannequins and web addresses from the Pride Window in the Downtown Boston Store because of organized complaints from a group od rightwing bigots from Article Alliance 8 and MassResistance. If people complained about an African American Window for Black Heritage Month would you take it down? Did Macys even bother to check their website and see that the organization behind it is actually akin to a HATE GROUP? Here is their Web Address so you can check see whats THEY are all about and see how they organized the pressure. This the same group of people in MA spouting their hate over and over and YOU CAVED TO THEM and in a way doing so gave THEM VALIDATION and in turn INSULTED and ALIENATED the entire Gay Community which is much larger than you think and spends a good amout of $$$’s in your store. As of right now the outrage is spreading because of this incident. The Web is a huge and powerful place.

    I for one will NEVER shop at ANY Federated STORE again. I am cancelling ALL my Credit Cards that are associated with any of your stores and I am spreading the word to everyone I know personally and professonally to never shop again at a Federated Store again until the window display is retured to its original state and a public apology is made to the gay community.

    You should be ashamed. (And actually quite alarmed at the amount of revenue you will be losing over this matter.)

  • MotherAnna

    I am proud to be Andrew’s mother! Great going Andrew!

  • Bonnie McIntyre

    Mannequins showing gay pride is offensive, but hey it’s OK to have female mannequins with nipples pointing out like pencil erasers????? *Head explodes!*

  • dj

    so odd considering it is LEAGAL for same sex couples to marry in MA.!

  • Autumn59

    I wonder if Macy’s is going to back down from appearing to cave to religious right folk, much like Ford had to recently. From Do gays and lesbians mean business?:

    According to [Jeffrey Garber, president of OpusComm], gay and lesbian consumers are sophisticated and educated about the products and services they consume. So, if they are going to gain the GLBT dollar, companies have to exhibit real commitment to the community and this means jumping through some important hurdles. If gays and lesbians are going to spend their money consistently with a company, Garber says, they demand that the company is sensitive to its gay and lesbian employees, exhibiting fairness and non-discrimination. They also demand that the companies they patronize court the market exactly as they would any other part of the market, with a full commitment to the community.

    “Eighty-two percent of our respondents are more likely to buy from gay-friendly companies,” says Garber. In effect, this means that our spending power can be used as a carrot to reward those companies that treat their GLBT employees and customers well.

  • Catt

    Andrew is my little brother and I am proud that he stands up for what he believes in, i am proud to be part of a world community of people like queerity readers who research their opinions and stand by what they believe in, I am saddened that there are people in our 21st century world who are so short-sighted and ignorant, and that they can control a huge corporation like Macys. dont cha just feel like screaming “the world is not flat! the earth is not the center of the universe! and one person is no different from another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Weston Wiggs

    Here it is nine months from the date of the incident and I am just now aware of it. I live in Atlanta, which is quite a drive from Boston, however I can promise you that your slight of the gay community in Boston, has taken away another good customer of Macy’s department stores. I personally do not understand what is offensive about two men who appear to be physically fit, and one has some cloth wrapped around his waist as you would a towel at the beach or such. Gee I wonder if I get some like minded people together and protest Macy’s and tell them that we are against Christmas and find their windows offensive will you take those down as well? The gay community is not demanding that the rest of the world agree with their lifestyle choice, it is merely asking for the respect and tolerance to allow us to be who we are. Caving to the likes of hate groups, who disguise themselves as morallly supreme, only hurts everyone. It is time for Macy’s to be a bit braver and more loyal to those who support it so, if they want to keep them.

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