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MAD MEN: Is Sal’s Wife Finally On To His Closeted Secret?

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We’re thoroughly enjoying the character development of Mad Men‘s Sal, the married gay illustrator whose single attempt at a gay dalliance was ruined by a fire alarm. Played by gay actor Bryan Batt, Sal this week struck an awkward note with wife Kitty, as he (too enthusiastically) sashayed his way through explaining an upcoming commercial he’s set to direct. The look of terror on her face as everything seems to come together in her mind is … priceless.

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  • MackMichael

    Diet Soft Drinks have led to the destruction of so many marriages!

  • dvlaries

    It’s so cliche, but in this case it’s so true: if you’re not watching this show you’re missing one of the best programs on TV – really.

    Last year it won the Best Drama Series Emmy for its first season, the second season is in the running for 16 more at the upcoming awards, and the third season debut recently posted its best rating numbers yet.

    With shit like a bald Howie Mandel running a game show, “The Biggest Loser” and a 17 years-tired Jay Leno about to be moved to five primetime spots a week, there’s no good excuse to ignore it.

    At this point I’m sure the three majors (and Fox too) would throw their mothers into a cell with sharp cutlery and a cranky O.J. just to have themselves a “Man Men.”

  • So Yo

    I don’t really think I would use ‘priceless’ to describe the look on her face so much as I would use ‘heartbreaking.’

  • Phil D

    @So Yo: I think heartbreaking is a much more appropriate description of the look on her face and doesn’t imply there is anything funny about the situation. Mad Men is a fantastic show and I’m really excited by where the writers are taking Sal’s character.

  • Brian

    This show is not to be missed. Don Draper (John Hamm) is smoking hot. I applaud the inclusion of a gay character, but I think it’s a bit regrettable that he so reinforces the swish stereotype (illustrator, decorator, hair dresser).

  • Geoff M

    I watch MM infrequently but I LOVE it, and Bryan Batt from his “Jeffrey” role. I accidently caught this very moment and was floored….it was executed flawlessly and I would agree with So Yo (above) that his wife’s look was heartbreaking and it seemed everything began to make sense to her. This show is just smoking hot.

  • z

    @Brian: The fact of the matter is that there were a lot of gay men in the art departments of advertising agencies. It’s truth, not stereotype. It’s not reinforcing anything.

  • H678

    Moments like this is why this show is so brilliant. The women on this show are forced to take a back seat and 2nd class status, and are seldom allowed to say what they really feel, so there are plenty of shots like this one, where you can see the woman fall apart while she’s forced to smile. Imagine being this woman in that time and realizing your hubby is gay – what the hell would she do? Who could she talk to? Thank God for progress.

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