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What made Anderson Cooper hiss at longtime partner Benjamin Maisani?

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Anderson Cooper told an audience while co-hosting ABC’s “Live! with Kelly Ripa” on Monday about a particularly frustrating incident with longtime partner Benjamin Maisani.

Cooper is teaching Maisani how to drive, and admits that he isn’t the most patient of instructors.

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“He’s got a learner’s permit like a 16 year old. It’s the most embarrassing thing,” Cooper said of Maisani, who turns 44 this week.

“I thought I’d be happy about this, that he’s finally learning. (But) I am the worst driving teacher on the planet. I get annoyed at everything he does, every mistake he makes. I’m like, ‘Ugh, God, how stupid! Why did I let you get a learner’s permit? I hate you!’ I’m the worst. I make him so nervous,” he told his friend Ripa.

“He said that you actually hissed at him,” she responded.

“Oh I did. You know when you’ve been with someone for awhile, you’re beyond speech,” he explained. “Do you know what I mean? You’re just so disgusted at what they do you can’t even discuss it.”

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Watch the exchange in the video below, starting at around the nine and a half minute mark.

Correction: This article was updated to fix a misspelling of Kelly Ripa’s name. We regret the error.