Madea Actor Terrell Carter Outed … By His Ex-Boyfriend


An actor in some of the highest grossing black film series — produced by a man many suspect is gay — is outed as gay. Horror!

You know Tyler Perry as being the effeminate entertainment powerhouse who seems to be the only producer who can keep a black cast on television. But aside from House of Payne and Meet the Browns, Perry is also behind the moneymaking Madea films, including Madea’s Family Reunion, Madea’s Class Reunion, and Madea Goes to Jail, which cost little to produce and make box office killings. (These films also feature Perry in minstrel-y drag, upsetting many in the black community, while pleasing others.)

But this post is not about Tyler Perry! It is about Terrell Carter, one of Perry’s actors and, as of This Week On The Internet, the newest famous homosexual to be outed. It all comes courtesy of lovey-dovey photos that leaked of Carter and his then-boyfriend Alex Cortez. And how did the photos get out? None other than Cortez published them.

The Internet is not being kind to Terrell, as Rod 2.0 notes. MediaTakeOut.com, the most popular black gossip blog (and also the black gossip blog most inclined to make up the majority of its “exclusives”), is playing host to rampant homophobia.

The rumors aren’t new. Last year Carter was tied to Noah’s Arc actor Christian Vincent.

But this is an official outing. Where gossips were once keen on playing it safe with Carter’s sexuality, the photos now offer carte blanche to brand him as gay. Which, it appears, he is. What we’d be interested to know is whether there’s any career advice conversation down the road between Carter and producer Perry — who might know a thing or two about the glass closet.

[via Rod 2.0]

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  • AlwaysGay

    Very hot couple. Support Terrell’s career, he’ll need it.

  • Kiwi

    Wow, they are both terribly attractive men.


    Hot guys! I thought this guy was gay. It’s really unfortunate that people in hollywood still feel the need to hide their sexuality (I mean yeah its no one’s business and yada yada, but….) I agree with Racheal Maddow’s whole take on the best thing you can do for yourself and the community is be out.

  • Jack

    Erm…the scorned ex-bf who published the pics has a myspace profile, which lists his orientation as ‘straight’:


    Curious, no?

  • Tony12

    Who is he?? I have seen Tyler Perry movies and don’t recognize him at all.

  • fixator

    @Jack: Who’d have been interested if the link didn’t go to myspace…

  • Rando

    He’s the husband of Vanessa in the movies, I believe.

  • Fromo

    I want to see more pics..hot…! Is he selling them? On his myspace profile it doesn’t seem as though he can spell nor on his twitter! Shame, why do all the beautiful ones always be dumb? Oh, well, next!

  • Dabq

    Never heard of him, but, those two hot?? Not. Give me a break I guess to the blind maybe, but, that said, outing in vengeance is just wrong. As long as someone isn’t bashing the glbt community and want to stay in the closet, let them since being out is a personal thing.

  • Ev

    the only problem here is that his boyfriend has been hit one too many times with the fug stick.
    i feel bad for him that this is the photo that gets out… only for that reason.
    if it was a cute photo, then it would be easier to help him out in ‘this’ community, but his skanky oily bf needs to stop no one wants to see him in that.
    terrell can call me tho. but he needs to shower first

  • Tony

    I feel for this guy. Needless to say I am sure he is feeling the wrath from a segment in the African American Community that deeply and pathologically hates gays. Hopefully he will find support within the LGBT Community and he will finally be able to live an honest life outside of the closet.

  • ggreen

    Tyler Perry lowest common denominator trash bag movies. But what do I know I hate Amos and Andy, Shirly Q Liquor (sic),Slappy White and Jackie Mason.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Tyler Perry ruined Star Trek (with bad acting)and Madea’s last movie was shockingly racist against Latinos. I hope that Terrel Carter is embraced (even, if outed) by the Hollywood Creative community and not destroyed by the For-profit Ex-Gay religious militia. His acting and role choices shall pave his way. Desperate Housewives could use a new cutie…with a dark secret!

  • Eric

    LOL @#13: Tyler Perry “ruined” Star Trek with his bad acting? Must have been some powerfully bad acting, since he’s in the movie for all of 30 seconds…

  • Jack

    @fixator: Huh?

  • madam ex

    That a hot picture, and Im a female, they are both fuckin sexy, I wouldn’t mind being in the middle if they’d have me.

  • Fred Walker

    @madam ex: apparently both of them label themselves has straight, so why not

  • Fromo

    @Fromo: So, why didn’t queerty give an update about the other photos. Did they forget…this silly design of them bores…next!

  • Christopher

    How is mediatakeout.com hosting rampant homophobia? I checked out the link and didn’t catch that? I’d be more careful about chastising a popular black blog.

  • Drew

    @Christopher: Amen…I read it as well and there were just as many good as bad things said about it…kinda like visiting the comments at P H’s shite…

  • Kid A

    @Christopher: Did you read the comments?

  • Isaac

    who’s the chick with him on the last photo?

  • Dabq

    @Drew: Or this site where tolerance isn’t exactly a daily occurrence…..

  • JIM


  • TANK

    When’s tyler perry going to be outed? He’s been saving himself for that special girl that reminds him of “mother” his whole life. Is he waiting for his parents to die or something? “I had to leave so and so, mom! She didn’t trust in the lord!” LOL! when’s that going to play itself out? I can’t wait for the tyler perry pool party shots. Medea goes to hell.

  • TANK

    Of course they don’t identify as gay. They come from hyper homophobic minority cultures, AND one’s an actor. If there’s anything rupert everett has taught us, it’s that you can’t be openly gay if you want to be a list.

  • jason


    “why do all the beautiful ones always be dumb” <==== ?

    sweetheaart, after reading that sentance you must be gorgeous

  • -... .- .-. .- -.-. -.- / --- -... .- -- .-

    @Dabq: Yeah! It’s a cap festival!

  • -... .- .-. .- -.-. -.- / --- -... .- -- .-

    @JIM: Yeah! It’s a cap festival!

  • Ian

    ” MediaTakeOut.com, the most popular black gossip blog (and also the black gossip blog most inclined to make up the majority of its “exclusives”), is playing host to rampant homophobia.”

    Are you suggesting that the blog is homophobic because it’s Black?

    Ever been to perezhilton.com? The comments are just as homophobic(if not worse). Does that mean Latinos and Whites are homophobic too?

  • jebpeat

    I see lots of pics of the supposed ex-boyfriend. As for the others — one of the guy kissing him while he appears to be asleep, another of them “kissing” and two of him on the beach in a bikini! And that makes him gay?? WOW! That’s quite a leap. I don’t care if he is gay or not, but this is pretty flimsy “evidence” to support the claim.

  • Allan


    You’re an idiot. Al Sharpton has led the charge against homophobia, sponsoring several seminars that preached acceptance and support of gays.

  • Bitch, Please!

    @JEBPEAT: If not photoshopped, then GAY! You wouldn’t get a Latino and an African American guy be photographed in those positions. Without joining in on the mass hysteria that abounds these pages, they are very cautious about “appearing gay”. For that matter, no straight guy, irrespective of color, would be in those kissy faced situation if they weren’t lovers. So the only other option is that the pics were “altered in some fashion”. There you go, Terrell! I just gave you a crack(no pun intended ;) and now it’s upto you to open it wide and run with that excuse.

  • galefan2004

    What kind of self-respecting gay man outs any other gay man for any reason? I mean, even if this dude was a total douche to his boyfriend and they ended on totally bad terms I can’t imagine how low you have to be to actually out someone. The fact that this dude is probably doing it just to get his 15 minutes of fame is even worse.

  • Elbertoons


    That website , MTO, is baiting its audience quite clearly. What reaction do you think they expected? Sadly, the most distressing part is ignorance masquerading as wisdom. When dumb people opine, I lose it.

    For the record I’m biracial (black and white) and I hate both white and black america for what they represent. Those seperate and equally hating cesspools of christianity.

    Pray for the future.

  • missbutterfly

    To Black People – We need to wake up and stop protecting our identity as if its about to be snatched by the white man again! Yeah we like church, thats all we got during the slave days, so of course its the most powerful force in black america…which doesn’t mean thats a good thing.

    We done got the worst of it all, heh : fried chicken parts, koolaide, garden weeds, cheap apparel, and a biased christ…

    When we got to the mountain top, we slipped and fell down the other side.

  • C-Teller


    what does this even mean


    1. what? His boyfriend openly identifies as gay if you check his myspace and Terrell has pictures at gay pride. He may not have been open to the public but he clearly identifies as gay.

    2. I have no idea what you mean by “hyper homophobic minority culture” when it took years into irrelevancy for people like Lance Bass and Clay Aiken (Who actually went out his way to deny he was gay) to come out. Not to mention Anderson Cooper who still hasn’t come out, but I guess that’s more understandable since it’s ~white culture~.

  • C-Teller

    @Not straight:

    “To many of the posters on Mediatakeout, if I’m a faggot then you’re all a bunch of dumb niggers. The slur cuts both ways jungle bunnies.”

    lol Queerty please don’t delete this.

  • TANK

    1. what? His boyfriend openly identifies as gay if you check his myspace and Terrell has pictures at gay pride. He may not have been open to the public but he clearly identifies as gay.

    Well excuse me. YAWN! I’m not a stalker!

    2. I have no idea what you mean by “hyper homophobic minority culture” when it took years into irrelevancy for people like Lance Bass and Clay Aiken (Who actually went out his way to deny he was gay) to come out. Not to mention Anderson Cooper who still hasn’t come out, but I guess that’s more understandable since it’s ~white culture~.

    No one’s denying homophobia amongst white americans in the u.s. And yes, in some evangelical pockets, it’s probably worse than black americans, on average. But overall, whites are not as homophobic as blacks. This is a fact, not racism. There’s more homophobia amongst blacks, on average, just as there’s more religosity amongst blacks, on average. OF course there are extremely gay friendly black areas of this country…and black gay people and black allies. But let’s stop insisting that it’s all the same. THe homophobia’s the same (same causes, even), the expression and degree of virulence differs along racial lines.

    The causes for this factual discrepancy are many, but one of them is that there’s more homogeneity in thought in minority groups than in the majority. That extends to most if not all minorities.

  • funnyhunny


    It means what I said. That black people in this country have been given their identity through the years by the white man. Our identity now is very much a by-product of that “gift.”

    The family is really important in the Black community because during slavery , my great great grandparents were owned by another person you see, we weren’t allowed the opportunity to have nice families….Thats why the Black Church has the grip they have because they are by-products of an unjust era…We still working things out….time will tell…as for the chicken, drink and clothes bit – guess what? soul food will kill ya!

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    There is a show on Here Television called the Down Low Chronicles. I’m amazed at how Africian American men really hide their sexual preference.

    I’ve wondered about Tyler Perry also. It would be great if a gay character could be featured in one of his movies.

    Giovanni Colapietro

  • Kid A

    @funnyhunny: Ironically, the church was forced on slaves by the white man as well.

  • .-. .- - .. --- -. .- .-.. / --. .- -.--

    @TANK: Can we speak of a homogeneity of thought in the gay community professor TANK…I don’t believe you will get far with your narrow logic. Some of it is true but you just arbitrarily using it support your own beliefs.

  • Helga von ornstein

    What no doubt happened was this latin Craigslist hustler could not stand the thought of no longer tagging along everywhere his meal ticket went. Good lord when will they ever learn.

    This hustler has trash written everywhere on him. I’ll bet his dick curved like a dollar sign.

    In the pic the spic is still awake while Terrell is asleep. This was a set up all the way. However I shed no tears for Terrell since he not too long ago had his attorneys contact a black blogger (ROd2.0) and demand he remove pictures of him from his site because he was not gay.

    Maybe they deserved each other.

  • Bambi

    Probably Tyler Perry and Carter’s co-stars already know that he’s gay (and don’t care). I’d never heard of Terrell Carter until reading this article but I’m interested to see how he responds to this publicity. He may lose some fans but he will also gain some depending on how he plays his cards. The truth shall set you free.

  • jason

    He’s been outed as having had a relationship with a man, and not as being ‘gay’. ‘Gay’ is such a loaded, useless term that should be dispensed with. It’s become a politically correct category that cannot possibly describe the sexuality of all men who have relations with other men.

    Get rid of ‘gay’ – I hate it.

  • Helga von ornstein

    @jason: Getting rid of that word is a good idea. I knew queens who never smiled nor were happy about anything unless they had something to bitch about or the misery of others brought smiles to their faces.

  • paul-e-wog


    Can you support your statement “But overall, whites are not as homophobic as blacks. This is a fact, not racism.” with facts? Statistical reference or other supporting documentation of this “fact”?

  • jjm16

    @ mikeandrewsdantescove
    “There is a show on Here Television called the Down Low Chronicles. I’m amazed at how Africian American men really hide their sexual preference.”

    wow, nice to hear you’re finally being “educated” about black guys’ uber-unique “Down Low” culture… via tele. unfortunately, sir, we tried all we could, but it’s just too late(see quote above).

  • TANK

    down low=fail

  • paul-e-wog


    Good stuff Tank, I’m glad you had this in your back pocket. It isn’t exactly the smoking gun but by inference, you are *probably* right. Commenting on your “Madea goes to hell” post – that is really damn funny.

    Keep on posting, you make this site lively.

  • TANK


    I wouldn’t have said it unless I had good reason to.

  • ___________

    Interesting study, Tank. Here are some interesting voting patterns in the 2004 marriage amendment tsunami.

    TOTAL Yes No
    White (83%) 77% 23%
    Black (15%) 66% 34%
    Latino (1%) * *

    TOTAL Yes No
    White (70%) 76% 24%
    Black (24%) 80% 20%
    Latino (4%) 74% 26%

    TOTAL Yes No
    White (90%) 76% 24%
    Black (8%) 70% 30%
    Latino (1%) * *

    TOTAL Yes No
    White (83%) 60% 40%
    Black (12%) 59% 41%
    Latino (3%) 51% 49%

    TOTAL Yes No
    White (67%) 89% 11%
    Black (32%) 77% 23%
    Latino (0%) * *

    TOTAL Yes No
    White (86%) 63% 37%
    Black (9%) 61% 39%
    Latino (3%) 44% 56%

    TOTAL Yes No
    White (77%) 76% 24%
    Black (9%) 74% 26%
    Latino (4%) 75% 25%

    TOTAL Yes No
    White (93%) 53% 47%
    Black (1%) * *
    Latino (3%) 56% 44%

  • TANK

    and? That certainly doesn’t disprove what I said, now does it? I expect we’ll get the “message muddlers”…

  • ___________

    Did I say it disproved what you said?

  • TANK

    No. What was the purpose of posting it, interesting as it was? I already know that there are black people who are allies.

  • TANK

    ANd no one needs any reminder of homophobis amongst whites, and its ubiquity. RE: maine (which I believe is the whitest state in the union).

  • C.Josh64

    THATS NOT EVEN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lyin asses, my brother aint gay!

  • TANK


    But what if he were? What would you say to that?

  • .-. .- - .. --- -. .- .-.. / --. .- -.--

    @TANK: You just said to shut up but you didn’t commented on how your logic may be flawed my lovely queerty’s resident troll. It’s a belief because you extrapolated a situation to many demographics that you lack so much understanding of (even if you may be part of it). You’re a fan of the BS methodology.

  • Rob

    My God, anything or anyone nonwhite on this site really brings out the trolls. Some of you are something else (that neither one of these fine men of color would EVER want, BTW).

  • Wes

    But seriously, those are some curious stats Tank and, um, _____, posted. With those numbers in the latter post, either non-blacks are lying about their support for gays, or blacks just sometimes don’t vote their “beliefs.” *shrugs*

  • Marius


    Did you make that same post at MTO and how did you come to find Queerty?

    I didn’t see anyone defending their brother in the comment section over there. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

    Whose ass is lying?

  • The Gay Numbers

    They are both hot.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Oh- and can someone quiet down the man loving men b.s. Stop being a tard.

  • GBM

    I am just in shock and awe at some of you who probably don’t have any black friends and or associates. But have enough energy to pull polling data making us the worst folks on earth.
    If you don’t like blacks then leave the polling data alone. Because if you really think that speaks for the entire African American Community.

    That speaks volume of your racism period.

    If Barack would have never entered this race you wouldn’t be screaming shit about Black homophobia. Not African American but claim these polls that probably only surved a few 100 speaks for all 15% of us living in this country????

    SMDH…..This community has more issues than anybody else. My mother always told me before I can go and clean Betty’s house I need to make sure mines is clean. Saying that while some of you that are bashing blacks about homophobia. Try telling that to your family first we all know all of ya’ll parents are NOT accepting of your lifestyle tell that shit to a druken sailor.

    This is all really so sad! But at least it’s good to know how folks feel. Even when they’re not being honest.

  • Gore Vidal Jr.

    For a breathtaking glimpse into the Black Experience I suggest all who harbor ignorance towards Black Americans read Toni Morrison’s books. They are wonderful and I think will enlighten some souls.

    It is a shame to see these problems exist. A full on depressive shame.

  • TANK


    Yes, polling data’s just a terrible way of gauging the beliefs and opinions of large groups of people.

  • TANK


    Or, none of the above!

  • The Gay Numbers

    uhm- what? I thought this was about a cute actor being outted.

    The real sign of how fucked people are on race is that they take what is a celebrity fluff piece, and turn it into a diatribe about race.

    Look- I happy the guy likes dick or ass, but come on- politics, Obama, really?

    You people are so tarded, that I think I need to come up with a new word for you- the super-tarded.

  • TANK

    @The Gay Numbers:

    barack obama, motherfucker! barack obama! In case you hadn’t noticed:

    Tay Internetz is not being kind to Terrell, as Rod 2.0 notes. MediaTakeOut.com, the most popular black gossip blog (and also the black gossip blog most inclined to make up the majority of its “exclusives”), is playing host to rampant homophobia.

  • RainaWeather

    How did this get to be about race? I forgot, the Queerty racists are obsessed with black people.

  • cici

    MediaFAKEout is not owned by a black person!
    *resumes eating McDonald’s chicken breat sandwhich*

  • T.J. Johnson

    Bummer on being “outed.” But its no big secret Terrel is gay & has a thing for smaller latino bottom boys. He was a regular @ Circus Disco on Friday nights and worked out @ Bally’s Hollyood all the time.
    He must have dumped to boy toy & she got pissed!

  • C-Teller


    1. It’s in Rod 2.0’s article you don’t have to be a stalker to click a link.

    2 So by your logic you’d say there is more racism in the gay community?


    That poll is saying Black Democrats rate closer to republicans not that black people overall are like that.

  • Raquel

    What a BITCHY ex
    I agree with T.J. Johnson

  • Helga von ornstein

    I have followed this since this story broke. On many blogs the claim is “there WAS more to come” but I don’t see anything more newsworthy to follow.

    Has anyone heard anything more? I read where Alex tweet (or whatever the hell it is called) someone claiming Terrell is HIV positive and wanted to dump an unprotected load in him but that b/s all sounded like a scorn lover who knew his meal/ticket to fame was no longer there and was really to be expected of a scorned gay man.

    I think it is over. The public, being what they are, will have moved on by Sunday.

  • loveagape3

    Tank was using a study looking at moral issues and party affiliation which found black democrats to be more like Republicans on the issue of gay marriage because of their religion. It was misleading not to provide more context but maybe that was the point..the old canard of African Americans are more homophobic was trotted out again on Queerty like Dan Savage intimated after the defeat of Prop 8 in California. The statistics used by Number 55 in his post showed what most of us already knew,that whites are still more homophobic in terms of gay marriage than African Americans. Alex’s myspace page last I checked, says he is straight.

  • loveagape3

    and that is a fact not racism. But Terrell is done. The market for an openly gay African American singer and actor is going to limite his possibilities from here on. his career is toast.

  • ebby

    This man is truly something special! I am so in love with Terrell and as long as he’s happy, I’m happy!

  • NoElleNo

    No offense, but this Cortez needs his ass beat down like a $2.00 whore in a dark alleyway. Had I been Terrell- Cortez’s life would have ended shortly after these photos were posted.
    I really don’t understand WHY these men feel they are obligated to “out” their partner. Maybe that person doesn’t’ want anyone to know, in which case the “other” needs to use digression.

  • LJ

    What a waste! He’s too fine 2 be gay…..OMG !!!

  • ash

    @Tony12 he’s the One that was in the plays, he was in Meet the Browns as Will, brown’s doctor nephew who cheated on his wife. .&&. He was also in Madeas Class Reunion as the man who wife cheated on him.

  • Jerone

    The person who posted these pictures against Carter’s will/knowledge is wrong. Someone said earlier that as long as one isn’t bashing the glbt people, if that person want’s to stay in the closet, fine! I can bet Carter is troubled in his mind right now. It’s just so not right.

  • Jerone

    Then again, this could have been a long time ago. For me, even one year or 6 months ago is a long time. Could all the haters just leave the guy alone?! Things could possibly be different now. Jeez!

  • TIP

    You can’t believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. If Terrell Carter is gay so what. Brother I will be praying for you. The enemy only starts messing when God is blessing. Whoever posting pictures need to stop. Yours could be next.

  • Jac

    Whatever… I love him just the same. The man has talent.!

  • Shane

    Cute pic, but i think its worng to out someone who doesnt want to be outed. If they want to be out then OK go with it no big deal. But for some people its thier private right to keep that to themselves. And no one has the right to just out them thats wrong. But thats what happens when you date fem guys. They always do that stuff.

  • brownsuga29

    @Tony12: he wasn’t in any of the movies he was in 2 plays Madea’s Class reunion and What’s Done in the dark. Wait a minute I think he was in one movie he played a minister or choir director something like that I remember he had on a robe like a minister or choir director. It was the one where Tyler also played Brian a lawyer and his wife was on drugs toward the end of the movie she came back to church and she was singing. I can’t remember which one that was. If you know what I’m talking about that’s the one.

  • Shantell

    How gross!!! And disappointing….another fine brother gone to waste.

  • Soldier_Medic

    Man, Tyler’s cast is really foretelling in terms of gay men. I’m currently serving in Iraq passing the time by. I can definitely confirm one ‘MOORE’ [pun].

    When we did Hurricane Katrina duty, one of the guys I was pulling duty with pointed out Shemar Moore. He was defiantly hooked up with a dude where they thought they were alone.

    Yup, the dude likes pole.. but, to each his own..

  • Martin

    And he sang songs for the lord?

    Ha !

    I’m outta here this is madness this is totally madness.

  • Parenting classes

    Dad poisoned the minds of his children with his irresponsible television viewing choices.
    Among other things.
    Dad is liked, so expect the intent was not there. However, I suspect the same cannot be said for his wife.
    Case in point:::Neighbor’s driveway sidewalk chalk art consisted of a girl’s name, a smiley face, other innocent, child-like offerings.
    In our driveway our kids drew body outlines, like those one would find at a murder scene.
    And all his son spoke of was guns, hunting and killing.
    The father’s irresponsibility was manifested in how the son spoke when he was younger. Just ask his former teachers.

  • Brad

    Its 2009, who cares that hes gay? Cortez is a jerk.

  • Josh

    His Ex Boy friend is a bitch. As a gay man I know how hard it is to come out, but to be outted befor he was ready was down right ignorant. Alex Cortez is a BITCH!!! Excuse my profanity

  • Ree

    Man Alex pulled a bitch move! That was foul and all he did was make himself look like a jackass! I love Terrell regrdless of his sexuality and will continue to support him and his career. He is fine as hell and if he chooses to love a man that is his choice. But Alex took away his choice of coming out about it when he was ready. Just another case of bitchassness, as you see he is the EX factor. He wasn’t postin that shit when they were together!! Karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around!!!

  • crizi

    ooohhh!you are fuking hot mijo do you have myspace? give it to me mijo

  • miskparker

    I look at like this Terrell Carter is a good actor no matter what anybody got to say. I don’t care if he is gay or not I still love his work, and I love his music no matter what his life is like it none of our business,bit I still love you Terrel and you do you no matter what any of use have to say to do you baby and live you life.

  • tootie

    wow i can’t belive that he is gay.. Ii mean he is a very good looking man and so he’s boyfriend he’s ex however the man is im just like wow

  • Antonio Jr

    Pics # 3 and 4 are in a gay beach in Rio de Janeiro.

  • nelbs

    OMG i thought i loved him i used to call him my husband i cant beleive hes GAY OMG ROFL

  • Tyreke green

    i ddin’t know that htey were gayyy sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Tyreke green

    Terrell carter u are my husband sexy

  • yana

    ewwww & i thought he was sexy!!

  • Dasongbyrd38

    Another one bites the dust- dang he was baby daddy fine ha ha ha ha Lawd knows I could have supersized me one of them in the back pocket quick- just kidding

    However I do not agree with the ex acting so immature and maybe he’s an ex for a reason- that ish he pulled puts him straight to PUNK status….maybe he was going through some things, and he’s experimenting and NOT a permaent player in the hardheads club who knows

    for those who want 2 know who he is he’s big in Tyler’s plays… he also played the preacher in diary of a mad black woman the movie version

  • Glynda

    @JNYCA: Well, Terrell did not hide his sexuality. Obviously, he went out with this guy in public, in broad daylight, and he posed for the pictures. Second, I believe he would have married Alex Cortez if he had not acted like a womans scorned. Finally, TC never spoke about his sexuality openly, was never linked to a woman romantically, intimately, or sexually, and he never mentioned being heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual. Check the history, and prove me wrong. Women need to make room for men like him to feel comfortable about coming out of the closet. He is hott, and damn that Tyler Perry for continuously teasing us. It is not a coincidence that this hot guy and others who have worked for him is gay. Have a great day.

  • gray

    let it b.

  • beautasia

    First of all let me set the record Straight. Terrell is not gay.Im a woman, and im datin him, He’s a very smart, wholesome man. Terrell and I have discussed those pics, The dude alex was upset with Terrell, because Terrell denied him, what he wanted, so believe me it is a set- up. He made it appear that Terrell is gay, by taking that picture when Terrell was sleep sneaking into his bed, and snappin that kissy picture when Terrell was tipsy. That wasnt even a real kiss. Take it from someone who knows Terrell.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Terrell Carter was in the stage play Madea Class Reunion. I had the opportunity to see it at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. My gaydar told me, Terrell messed around with men. He also played a straight character on Zane Sex Chronicles on Cinemax. His Puerto Rican or Cuban ex boyfriend in the picture is hot.

  • hannah

    oh no. I feel so bad for Carter. He should have had the opportunity to come out at his time, not from an ex. Let’s see what happens with his career. I wish him the best.

  • jesus wept

    you fags are the downfall of the world.

  • Michael C.

    I read somewhere that he has a wife and is no longer gay. And most of the comments on youtube have deluded female fans saying he’s straight coz he’s married!!! Ha!

  • Michael

    Never heard of either. Which one is which?

  • Michael C.


  • good karma


    Oh, good research. Where is this from?

  • A Little Too Not Over You

    I remember the news first surfacing and me laughing out loud.

    Ah, poor guy. If terrell is genuinely in love with this woman than he’s bisexual, I guess (which is a possibility).

    Oh yeah, that ex-boyfriend is a snitch man. He could’ve given terrell time. Ricky Martin got time!!

  • Rump Buster

    somebody needs to fuck his boyfriend up. i hate faggots like that. and then u wonder why nobody likes fags, cause they get fucked and dumped and wanna do stupid shit like out u. i’d beat the shit out that sissy.

  • Shakirah

    He’s not in the movies, he’s in the plays

  • Videonobobe

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  • chris

    omg… if carter i got more booty than him next time hit me up and we can ghet it poppin with no pictures and i promise you can leave afterwards, .. all you do is sing and my boxers are coming down.. lol.. but im soo serious..

  • chris

    @Dasongbyrd38: yes he played trinas husband as well as in the madea goes to jail…

    I agree dont f**k it up for the rest of us.. He is fine and because he got done using you Let him go around the community.. his fine self… as long as he makes it over hear in md.. lol.. but im soo serious.. ill be waitin here in chev chase, lol.. Hey carter,, i wont tell if you wont ….. i got stuff to lose just like you..

  • flfkf

    taht man aint gay i just fuck him yesterday hell and th mother fucker was i don’t know what say i guess damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you jesus

  • ewe

    @jesus wept: you shit are the stench in the bowels of hell. Notice how i don’t care anything about your sexual orientation. You should stop invading peoples privacy. It’s none of your damn business. Stop flaunting yourself.

  • CAT

    Either way what Terrell’s ex did was wrong he shouldn’t have posted these pictures without Terrell’s permission. He’s a great singer, and actor period and people should still support him gay or straight. Also @Tony12 he was the preacher on Diary of a mad black women the movie, the husband of Kim played by Demetria McKinney in Meet the Browns the play, and also the husband of Trina played by Pam Taylor in Madea’s Class reunion the play.

  • CAT

    @jesus wept:
    Let me remind you that it clearly says in the bible “Judge not, that ye be not judged!” So don’t look your nose down at anyone nor claim someone is the down fall of anything because they aren’t the down fall of anything. God loves EVERYONE “for God so loved the WORLD he gave his only begotten son…” it doesn’t say God so loved the straight people in the world that he gave his only begotten son now does it? EXACTLY SO SHUT-UP!!!
    Oh, and before you try and rebuttal I’m a very educated black woman and; no I’m not gay I just so happen to love EVERYONE straight or gay people unless they do something to make me feel otherwise… AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

  • adam

    look idc this dude is gay but u cant be acting as a preacher while ur gay.. honestly idt tyler should continue to put him in his movies…. hes a wonderful singer and he should presue tht completely

  • zeb

    adam is there a way 2 use google 2 transl8 wot u sed in2 engilch? imma presue tht rite now coz mebbe idk if yr 4 reelz?

  • CAT

    So that also means a christian married man shouldn’t be allowed to play a sinner who does drugs, because it’s the exact same concept. So he shouldn’t be allowed to work simply because he’s gay that sounds like back in slavery days when BLACK people weren’t allowed to read, get an education, or even vote. If you take way his God given rights to act as what ever roll he wants to because of his sexually preference what’s next? Rights are rights you can’t take them away just because of a sexual preference…

  • Sha'


    He was the Pastor in Diary of a Mad Black Women, but he played in majority of Mr. Perry’s plays.

  • Neal

    Yum yum. I like beefy black guys.

  • gods voice

    Yes the Bible says not to judge but at the same time being involved with the same sex is a sin God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve! An since y’all wanna quote Scripture I hope yu no yu ain’t supposed to just sit back an act like homosexuality is completely ok in Gods eyes bc it ain’t! An I doubt highly that Tyler Perry is gay but there are alot of gay men out here these days regardless of race. To in my opinion Tyler should just take him out of the movies an plays an both of their careers can still be great.

  • Jay Ford

    Thoughts from a gay guy: Wow, How Cruddy, I’m Surprised Terrell didnt put a hit Out On Dat Bitch of an Ex, I Wud have,, How Dirty and Wrong.., Juss because he not wit you no more, u gon Expose him??? … Terrell should knock his head in for that shid real talk

  • Jay Ford

    Thoughts from a gay guy: Wow, How Cruddy, I’m Surprised Terrell didnt put a hit Out On Dat Bitch of an Ex, I Wud have, How Dirty and Wrong.., Juss because he not wit you no more, u gon Expose him??? … Terrell should knock his head in for that shit real talk



  • ShaniceAbbott

    @Tony12: watch tyler perry’s meet the browns play he’s will. madea’s family reunion,he’s with the cheating wife.

  • ShaniceAbbott

    @ tony 12 watch tyler perry’s meet the browns play he’s will. madea’s family reunion,he’s with the cheating wife.

  • betty

    Its sad all that meat had to go to waste,Terrell Carter is find and a great artor.Why must he be like that,why couldn’t he chase the cat,nothing but the dog in him..male links!

  • peachiez

    I dont care what he is everyone needs to mind their own business get life and shut up racism and discrimination is over so let that man live his life please!!! Terrell you have my support hun and forget what anyone says people are going to talk about you until you die so for now fuck them and do you!!

  • peachiez

    I dont care what he is everyone needs to mind their own business get A life and shut up racism and discrimination is over so let that man live his life please!!! Terrell you have my support hun and forget what anyone says people are going to talk about you until you die so for now fuck them and do you!!



  • Blake

    @Tony12: He is an actor in Tyler Perry’s stage play, What’s Done in the Dark. He portrays the doctor and owner of the clinic.

  • shontiel Robinson

    Maybe he’s bisexual? He always refer to a female when he sings. I don’t care about his sexuality, I’m still a fan.

  • Bill Simpson

    This is crazy perry and his band of gay merry men or Ferry Men

  • Frances

    strange how people think there are not gays in black church

  • cyntem1972

    @Tony: Where do you get your facts about the African American community hating gays??????

  • europeanguy

    haha i was hoping it was true terrel is hot as hell so no wonder he had a boyfriend but thats aweful, just because your relationship goes south doesnt mean you should attempt to ruin his career! being outed as gay in the acting world appears to be a definant downward spiral for them (unless most of their fanbase is gay OR it was kind of obvious from the start) my hopes are with him and i wish him good fortune and safety and hope his career flourishes

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