Madea Actor Terrell Carter Outed … By His Ex-Boyfriend


An actor in some of the highest grossing black film series — produced by a man many suspect is gay — is outed as gay. Horror!

You know Tyler Perry as being the effeminate entertainment powerhouse who seems to be the only producer who can keep a black cast on television. But aside from House of Payne and Meet the Browns, Perry is also behind the moneymaking Madea films, including Madea’s Family Reunion, Madea’s Class Reunion, and Madea Goes to Jail, which cost little to produce and make box office killings. (These films also feature Perry in minstrel-y drag, upsetting many in the black community, while pleasing others.)

But this post is not about Tyler Perry! It is about Terrell Carter, one of Perry’s actors and, as of This Week On The Internet, the newest famous homosexual to be outed. It all comes courtesy of lovey-dovey photos that leaked of Carter and his then-boyfriend Alex Cortez. And how did the photos get out? None other than Cortez published them.

The Internet is not being kind to Terrell, as Rod 2.0 notes. MediaTakeOut.com, the most popular black gossip blog (and also the black gossip blog most inclined to make up the majority of its “exclusives”), is playing host to rampant homophobia.

The rumors aren’t new. Last year Carter was tied to Noah’s Arc actor Christian Vincent.

But this is an official outing. Where gossips were once keen on playing it safe with Carter’s sexuality, the photos now offer carte blanche to brand him as gay. Which, it appears, he is. What we’d be interested to know is whether there’s any career advice conversation down the road between Carter and producer Perry — who might know a thing or two about the glass closet.

[via Rod 2.0]