Madeline Crabb’s Losing Her Touch

Last week’s election brought new meaning to the word invigorating. Yes, gay marriage got shot down in seven states, but the Demmies took Congress, Donald Rumsfeld and Ken Mehlman both stepped down and we may get our first female Speaker of the House in the form of Nancy Pelosi.

Of course, we were just dying to know what our favorite conservative curmudgeon, Madeline Crabb (aka Mad Crabb) would have to say about all this in her rousing weekly column. We have to admit, we were a little disappointed. Given the amount of anti-homo venom injected into her previous oh-so-balanced offerings, we were looking forward to some good ol’ fashioned homo-bashing. Instead, we get this relatively tame (and deluded) mention:

After same-sex “marriage” became a reality in Massachusetts, our lawmakers could not pass a marriage amendment protecting traditional marriage from further assault. They seem more determined to cater to radical homosexuals than respecting the beliefs of an overwhelming majority of Americans.

Um, really, Crabbie? That’s news to us, because last time we checked seven states banned gay-marriage. (Of course, we know she’d like to see the government extend its power and ban marriage all around like some “heavenly” blessing.)

Anyway, we really wanted something like, “Those cocksucking, fisting Liberals have snatched America and are preparing to bring us to the most vile, perverse levels of hell.” That seems more her style. Perhaps she’s toned down her virulent homophobia to dissuade people like us giving her so much negative press.

Whatever, that girl should be happy to have this much attention. Sure, it may not be sunshine and lollipops, but at least she’s getting some recognition…if you can call it that.

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