Madison Cawthorn claims the “establishment” are trying to kill his political career

Madison Cawthorn
Madison Cawthorn (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

Scandal-hit lawmaker Madison Cawthorn has posted a two-and-a-half-minute video to Instagram saying that “the establishment and RINOS [Republican In Name Only]” are out to wreck his chances of being re-elected.

According to the North Carolina GOP politician, there will be a “drip campaign” of bad stories about him over the coming weeks.

Why? Because there are forces afoot to see that he doesn’t get re-elected, as according to Cawthorn, “statistically it’s virtually impossible to beat an incumbent member of Congress after they’ve won their first re-election … that’s why you’re starting to see this coordinated attack amongst a lot of the freshmen members of Congress who are hardcore conservatives who are going up for re-election.”


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In an accompanying caption, Cawthorn says, “Rino senators and establishment pawns want us to go back to the days before Trump. They want to go back to the days of not being on offense, not fighting for the next generation, not trying to dismantle the federal government’s overreach, we will never go back.

“That is why the establishment is trying to crush me and others, they attack what they fear. Onward!”

Cawthorn says that even other Republicans are beginning to say “ridiculous, salacious” things about him in North Carolina. “They say we don’t serve our district, which I think is preposterous.”

He continued, “I do not make any apologies for making sure we cultivate a following across all platforms, trying to reach out to my generation, who is the most medicated, addicted, depressed, suicidal generation that’s ever lived. And it’s because of these radical liberal policies and the indoctrination that goes on inside our schools.”

Cawthorn may be referencing an attack on him earlier in the week by Republican State Sen. Chuck Edwards, who is wanting to take Cawthorn’s seat. Edwards released a campaign video saying Cawthorn does zilch for his district and is more concerned with his Instagram postings.

Cawthorn concluded: “When I say a drip campaign … they’re going to drop an attack article every one or two days, just trying to kill us with death by a thousand cuts. And that is really their main strategy.”

Controversy has dogged Cawthorn, 26, since he first announced his run for office. The youngest person elected to Congress in November 2020, he has made headlines with his views and controversial speeches, such as telling moms to raise hyper-masculine “monsters”.

When campaigning to be elected, Cawthorn said the car accident that left him in a wheelchair derailed his place to go to naval college. It actually emerged he’d been rejected by naval college before the accident took place.

Last December, he gave a speech at the Turning Point USA conference urging young conservatives to drop out of college and wed young. Just a week later, he announced that he and his wife Cristina were separating after just eight months of marriage.

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In recent weeks, he has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Last month he was charged for driving with a revoked license. A court appearance on that is due in the coming weeks.

Then he said on a podcast that leading Republican figures had invited him to orgies in Washington DC and he’d seen anti-drugs crusaders taking cocaine.

On Friday, Politico released photos of Cawthorn wearing women’s lingerie at a party. Cawthorn says it was just a fun gathering aboard a cruise ship, long before he was a Congressman.

This week, Cawthorn was cited for possession of a loaded handgun at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. It’s the second time he has “accidentally” tried to carry a gun onto a plane.

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It sure seems like Cawthorn doesn’t need outside help when it comes to wrecking his own career.

The Republican primary in North Carolina takes place on May 17.

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