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Madison Cawthorn embarrasses himself on the House floor and everyone’s thinking the same thing

Far-right Congressman Madison Cawthorn took to the House floor Monday and amped up his anti-transgender rhetoric by offering a juvenile, and inaccurate, definition of womanhood.

While attacking the Democrats for seeking to protect trans folks against discrimination, he said:

“You might amend a bill, but you will never amend biology. Science is not Burger King. You can’t just have it your way.

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“The left has ripped away the pin of truth from the author of life,” he continued. “They’ve exchanged natural science for party platform and declared war on biology.

“I never imagined that one of my sacred duties in this hallowed chamber would be explaining to the House Speaker the difference between a man and a woman,” he said. “Take notes, Madame Speaker, I’m about to define what a woman is for you.

“XX chromosomes, no Tallywhacker. It’s so simple.”

Last month, Cawthorn raised eyebrows in Washington and beyond when he claimed his Capitol Hill colleagues host orgies and regularly do “key bump[s] of cocaine” in front of him.

Many Twitter users alluded to those comments while also expressing their thoughts on his “tallywhacker” speech:

Meanwhile Katie Dean, one of the Democrats fighting in the May primary race to unseat him, had this to say:

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