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Madison Cawthorn groped by male staffer in leaked video and the Internet has a lot to say

A video showing Rep. Madison Cawthorn appearing to be groped by one of his staffers has been making the rounds, and the whole thing reeks of homophobia.

The clip was featured among filings submitted to the Office of Congressional Ethics by the Fire Madison Cawthorn group, whose sole purpose is to, well, it’s in the name.

In the cellphone video, Cawthorn says, “I feel the passion and desire, and would like to see a naked body beneath my hands.”

The man recording, believed to be Cawthorns’ scheduler, Stephen Smith, responds “me too,” before placing his hand on Cawthorn’s crotch.

Cawthorn has also provided Smith with unreturned loans and other gifts which were not declared, according to the filings. The group additionally submitted screenshots of what is believed to be Venmo payments between the two, with memos like “For loving me daily and nightly,” “Nudes,” and “The quickie at the airport.”

While we certainly wouldn’t miss Cawthron’s brand of seditious, anti-LGBTQ politics in Congress, the behavior doesn’t seem all that different from how many straight guys in their 20s joke with their friends.

That sentiment was echoed on social media:

Cawthorn appeared to address the cellphone footage in a tweet on Thursday.

“Many of my colleagues would be nowhere near politics if they had grown up with a cell phone in their hands,” he tweeted.

Earlier this week, Cawthorn was cited for carrying a loaded gun at the airport and accused of insider trading by a GOP colleague.