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Madison Cawthorn would like to talk to you about sex slavery

Homophobic North Carolina congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn is the latest rising star in the Republican party and it’s clear why. He ticks all the right boxes. He’s white. He’s male. And he’s an expert manipulator of the truth.

The 25-year-old Nazi enthusiast recently stopped by a private border wall in Texas and talk about sex slavery, specifically to peddle a debunked child sex trafficking conspiracy theory that’s been circulating among right-wing conspiracy theorists for a while now.

“Sure, there are children being human-trafficked across our border north into our country for sex slavery and many things that are unspeakable and terrible to think of,” he said.

“But what’s really going on is we are having a large group of cartels coming into our country, kidnapping our American children, and then taking them to sell them on a slave market, on the sex slave market.”

Cawthorn then went on to falsely state that “tens of thousands” (that’s right, folx, tens of thousands) of American children go missing missing “every year” (yes, every year!!) because of Mexican drug cartels “coming into our country and doing harm.”

Cawthorn, who was homeschooled and only completed one semester at college before dropping out because of bad grades, didn’t mention where he got his information.

Nor did he explain why, as a candidate from North Carolina, he was campaigning at a border wall 1,500 miles away from his district.

But this isn’t the first time he’s been caught lying through his pearly white teeth.

In addition to falsely claiming James Madison signed the Declaration of Independence during his speech at the RNC this week, Cawthorn falsely stated that had been accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy before a serious car crash left him in a wheelchair. It was later revealed that he’d actually been rejected from the academy prior to his accident.

One thing he hasn’t lied about, however, is the time he was sexually aggressive towards a young woman in a secluded field.

Last week, Katrina Krulikas came forward to say she went on a date with Cawthorn in 2014, during which he took her to a secluded area and started interrogating her about her sexual history before pressuring her to sit in his lap and repeatedly kissing her against her wishes.

Cawthorn responded to the allegations by confirming they were true then saying he was just being “flirtatious” and said if felt unsafe she should have spoken up at the time and maybe he would’ve stopped.

“If she had any problem with this, I don’t see why it wouldn’t have been brought up right away,” he said. “I don’t really know what she was trying to insinuate that I was trying to do.”

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