Madison Cawthorn smugly celebrates his congressional win: “Cry more, lib”

Madison Cawthorn (Photo: YouTube)
Madison Cawthorn (Photo: YouTube)

GOP candidate Madison Cawthorn has won his Congressional seat in North Carolina, despite polls previously indicating he’d been trailing his Democratic opponent. His response? A dignified tweet saying, “Cry more, lib.”

According to the Associated Press, Cawthorn, 25, won 54.5% of the vote for the 11th District congressional seat, while Democratic candidate Moe Davis got 42.4%. Cawthorn becomes the youngest member of Congress.

Cawthorn, who uses a wheelchair after a car accident in 2014 left him partially paralyzed, has been tipped as a rising star of the Republican party. However, in recent months his campaign has been dogged by accusations against him of sexual misconduct and racism.

Cawthorn recently published an attack online of his opponents. He singled out a journalist, Tom Fiedler, for supporting “non-white” candidate Cory Booker. Cawthorn later backtracked, saying his mention of Booker was a “syntax error”.

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Cawthorn has also trashed the Black Lives Matter movement and said the biggest problem Black communities face are “fatherless homes.” He has previously suggested reparations lead to a “victimhood mentality” and Black people don’t deserve anything because “we [paid] enough when 600,000 Americans died to free slaves.”

Last month, Cawthorn criticized any advancement of LGBTQ rights beyond marriage. He told the Charlie Kirk Show the LGBTQ movement was “two people who wanted to be able to get married. But now it’s saying that we need to be able to have gender reassignment surgery for 12-year-olds. They never stopped at a line. They always go further.”

Last month, over 150 of Cawthorn’s former classmates signed a letter accusing him of sexually predatory behavior whilst at college. Cawthorn’s campaign manager, John Hart, dismissed the “unsubstantiated and anonymous accusations.”

Cawthorn’s vacation choices have also raised some eyebrows, with a trip to visit a rural retreat of Adolf Hitler’s in Bavaria leading to accusations of being a Nazi sympathizer. Cawthorn posted photos from his visit to the “Eagle’s Nest” to his Instagram, saying that it had long been on his “bucket list.” Responding to criticism of the photos, he later said, “When I visited the Eagle’s Nest this was the history I had in mind. It was a surreal experience to be remembering their joy in a place where the Nazi regime had plotted unspeakable acts of evil.”

Cawthorn followed up his “Cry more, lib,” tweet with a message of thanks to his supporters: “From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. All glory goes to God and I am excited to serve each and every member of this district.”

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