Madison, WI, Radio DJ Aaron Rogers Comes Out On The Air

It’s been said coming-out is a lifelong process, but A DJ at a radio station in Madison, WI, cut to the chase by sharing he was gay over the airwaves on National Coming Out Day.

Aaron Rogers of Z-104 told listeners Thursday that he would now be living his life as an openly gay man.

“For anyone listening right now, know that you are not alone and that it’s okay to feel the way that you do. Life is very short. Know that you are loved, appreciated, and respected by more people than you realize. It really does get better, and you have my support always.”

On Friday, Rogers thanked well-wishers in a tweet: “Wow, I’m truly blessed… I’m so thankful for wonderful friends, family members and co-workers. So excited for what lies ahead next! :) “

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  • Seth

    Congrats Aaron, now move over. Seems at one time every local anchor and sportscaster there was gay. Two of them were at one afterparty I attended. In Austin TX, one sportscaster was often at OCH… his twinkie boyfriend was ALWAYS there with or without him…

  • Allen D.

    ^ Cool story, bro! By which I mean — who cares?!

  • Shadeaux

    I think it’s AWESOME! CONGRATS AARON!!

  • cooper12

    @Allen D Great response, bitch! By which I mean — what an ass hole you are. How long does it take in gay years to be such a bitter Queen?
    Show some respect, just because Helen Keller knew you were gay at birth does not mean it is not important for people to speak out, and come out publicly. To many people are scared and if he helps one person then it is worth it.

    Grow Up!

  • Seth

    @cooper12: I thought allend’s attack was aimed at me. I guess depending on one’s inclination, my comment might be read with a supportive or a critical tone of voice. I meant it as a “welcome to the club” salute to Aaron. Allend’s snark didn’t merit a clarification.

  • Evji108

    I’m with cooper on this one. Allen D refers to a story not a comment. Typical bitter Q type remark from Allen D, they gripe that people don’t or haven’t come out, but when they do it’s “who gives a Fcuk.” Sad lack of support from our own community.

  • Seth

    I really shouldn’t be defending a snark, but the clue is his use of the carat ^ character. It’s used as an arrow to direct your attention at my initial comment above it. The article in question is further above that, but the arrow would have been left out if he meant the article. This is how the carat has been used in this context since virtually the beginning of computer messaging.

    So let’s criticize the snark for his lack of tact, and not for his supposed bitterness and queenieness. One’s impulse to attack, is something one can develop better control over, but being bitter and having mannerisms that are culturally non-compliant, are not things that complaints can change. They’re just what a person is. However, attacking someone for his mannerisms smacks of homophobia and sexism, especially when there’s actually no hint of his expressing these characteristics.

    I’m left amazed that anyone thought it appropriate to defend the publicly vulnerable experience of coming out, by assigning humiliatingly homophobic characteristics to someone who makes a comment, that coming out is no big deal? Allan D was merely shrugging, perhaps believing that I was being dismissive of Aaron myself. If you have a civil counter opinion, then make it. Homophobic crossfire is simply out of the question.

  • Cam

    Congrats to Aaron Rogers! Great to hear!

  • MickeyP.

    @cooper12: Yea,what Cooper said,plus you sound like a homo homophobe!

  • MickeyP.

    And…more on point,congrats to Aaron and to all who joined him on Coming Out Day!

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