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Madonna Almost Performed ‘4 Minutes’ at Hope For Haiti. Whew, Crisis Averted

In the video below, the pop singer Madonna performs her February 1989 hit single “Like a Prayer” during last week’s live Hope for Haiti broadcast. But given her extensive library of work, much of it of the inspirational variety (“Cherish,” “Don’t Tell Me,” and “Sorry,” among many others), Ms. Ciccone had much to choose from in deciding which song to perform to help raise the $57 million the telethon took in. For instance, at the January 2005 telethon Tsunami Aid, for victims of 2004’s Indian tsunami, she chose to cover John Lennon’s “Imagine.” But for Haiti, the footage above reveals, she almost went with one of her most recent singles, the very upbeat “4 Minutes.” Which would have made sense in one respect, because the lyrics “Time is waiting / We only got 4 minutes to save the world” is apropos for the tick-tocking of aid yet to reach Haiti. But also wholly inappropriate, because the song, which isn’t exactly about anything, really, is about picking someone up.