Madonna And Her Hairy Armpits Are Back In The Studio

With all the armpit flashing, shower door licking and other weirdness taking place on her Instagram page, it’s easy to forget what Madonna actually does for a living: make music. Lately she’s been acting more like our crazy Aunt Winifred than the Pop Goddess we once worshipped, but that’s another story.

Well, folks, get ready to “throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care,” because the Queen of Pop is planning a comeback. She recently revealed that she’s hard at work on a follow-up to 2012’s MDNA.

In case you forgot (which would be perfectly understandable), MDNA received lukewarm reviews upon its release, suffered an 88 percent sales drop between its first and second weeks, and spawned no memorable singles. It was, hands down, Madge’s most uninspired album to date, which seemed impossible after 2008’s Hard Candy, but she proved everyone wrong. MDNA is currently selling for $5.99 on Amazon, a full dollar less than her half-baked Remixed & Revisited EP from 2003.

(To be totally fair, MDNA did result in one of the highest grossing concerts of all time, but that likely had more to do with Madonna the brand than the album itself.)

Earlier this month, the 55-year-old Kabbalist posted the following photos of herself in the studio with Swedish superstar DJ Avicii to her Instagram page:

We’re excited about this new pairing. Let’s be honest, Madonna has only ever been as good as her collaborators, and this time around she’s picked an especially talented one. We love Avicii’s fresh, country-inspired club sound, and we think it will highlight Madonna’s thin but catchy vocals nicely. (We can’t help but think of her twangy dance track Don’t Tell Me from 2000’s Music, which we loved.) Also, he’s not totally overexposed yet, unlike the majority of her collaborators from the past ten years. (Most notably Timbaland in 2008, or, worse, Nicki Minaj in 2012.)

Now that we know what to expect musically, how about lyric content? Madonna’s go-to topics have historically included the following: sex, having no regrets, music, sex, partying, dancing, sex, being famous, and, occasionally, when she’s feeling particularly vulnerable, heartbreak. Can we expect more of the same this time around?

Yesterday, she posted another picture on Instagram:

The photo is paired with the caption, “Day turns into night. I won’t give up the fight. Don’t want to get to the end of my days……….saying I Wasn’t amazed! #revolutionoflove.” Some have speculated that she’s teasing lyrics to one of her new songs. Time will tell.

No word yet as to when we can expect to hear these new tunes. Though her last few offerings have admittedly turned us into fair weather fans, we’re still holding out hope for one more great Madonna album. We know she has it in her. Here’s hoping it arrives soon. Summer is fast-approaching and we’ll be needing some new jams to blast by the poolside.

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