Madonna At Coachella, And We’re Furious That We Had To Stay Home

madonna_coachella.jpegOur friend Arjan scored himself a ticket to Coachella this weekend, where he had up-close-and-personal views of Madonna, the Scissor Sisters, and every other musical artist that matters at the moment. We are consumed with jealousy that we didn’t get to go, but we can look at his pics and read his blog, it’s almost like being there. Minus getting pelted with Jake Shears‘ sweat. Which we would lick off our ourselves in fits of glee. Is that too much information?

Arjan at Coachella [ArjanWrites]

And to see Madonna tell George Bush what she thinks of him, Virtual Matter has the clip:

Go To Texas And Suck George Bush’s #$%k [VirtualMatter]