Madonna Blitz Begins With “Give Me All Your Luvin'” Video, Super Bowl Press Conference

Madonna previewed her video for “Give Me All Your Luvin’” last night on American Idol (kind of an odd choice, seeing as its a live-singing show, but whatevs). And both the song and the video play into Madge’s big Super Bowl appearance on Sunday. Love or hate her, the lady’s a queen of media manipulation.

Speaking of, what’s your take on the video? Give a cheer in the comments!

Madge also appeared at a press conference yesterday to field questions about her much-publicized half-time show. Being a perfectionist and control freak, she must’ve hated the whole dog-and-pony show. But Madge is a consummate professional and manages to come off humble and relatable.

And they say she can’t act!

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  • Lefty

    Haha, fantastic.
    Great song, great video.
    Maybe M.I.A. is slightly underused on it.

  • James

    Best part was the Marilyn part. She looks great!

  • Ryan

    The comments section on the Youtube Video is ridiculous, Gaga’s camp clearly has people being paid to just sit there and dump on it, Madonna also probably has paid commenters, there is obviously a huge PR war going on, someone in the news needs to do a story a that sort of thing.

    Cause 104 comments a minute? The way they’re pouring in?
    That can’t be real. And the view count stays at 314 while the likes/dislikes keep going up?

    Queerty should contact Google and ask how that works and if they know how many individual hits from unique IP addresses a video gets….if expecting any kind of investigative journalism from Queerty isn’t setting my hopes too high.

  • KJM1968

    Love it!

  • Lefty

    @Ryan: It’s tragic, isn’t it? I sometimes wonder about the Gaga (or indeed Madonna or anyone else) fans who do that sort of thing. It’s like whoever they’re a fan of and proclaim to adore isn’t in fact enough for them, they have go around dumping on apparent rivals. Time, one would have thought, better spent listening to their idol(s) or maintaining their creepy shrines to same. Bizarre.

  • Tom

    This sums it up pretty well. “If you are threatened by me as a female or you think I’m doing too much or saying too much or being too much of a provocateur, then no matter how great of a song I write or how amazing of a film I make, you’re not going to allow yourself to enjoy it because you’re going to be too entrenched in being angry with me or putting me in my place or punishing me.” – Madonna

  • Jon

    I feel the same way about this song as I did any of her songs form Hard Candy. It was a little “meh” as the song itself.

    I don’t hate on Madonna. I think her contribution to music is matched by very few, as is her contribution to women’s empowerment. Madonna got me through high school with we two “reinvention” albums in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

    Still, honestly, I wish it was a Nicki/M.I.A. track with Madonna as backup instead of the other way around.


    This really makes me appreciate GaGa’s music and her videos. I’m not trying to be negative, but after watching the “Give Me All Your Luvin” video you sort of have to admit GaGa’s music is down right soulful compared to this song.

    Compare this video to any of Lady GaGa’s videos, and you would be shocked that people even compare the two artist.

  • Tom

    @SKANK: and there will come a time when a younger generation will be saying the same of Gaga videos. It’s the way it goes.

  • tookietookie

    Pathetic old hag.

  • Milo


  • Bryan

    @Ryan: That’s how youtube works for any vid that gets a high view count in quick succession, the vid count always freezes at 301, 310 or 314 for some reason. It’s happened with lots of Gaga vids, it’ll probably be corrected within the next day.

    And no one is paying anyone, it’s the typical fanbase war, when I was reading the comments about 4hrs ago, it was filled with stuff like R.I.P Gaga’s career etc, now it looks like the Gaga fans are posting their comments too.

    @Lefty: It happens all the time with pop fans, it didn’t start with Madonna- Gaga and it won’t end the same. Besides this nonsense started with the whole idiotic BTW-EY comparisons which the media and some idiotic, insecure Madonna fans bought into.

  • Tommy

    Love this song and video. I didn’t care too much for Hard Candy and its videos. It seemed very lazy. But with this new album Madonna seems happy, focused and back at her best.

  • TJ

    This is truly awful, the song, the video and her. There are so many gels on that camera lens, you can’t even see her. She’s back to Marilyn again? She’s repeating what she copied 25 years ago. Sit down, Madge, its reached pathetic!

  • Michael in Toronto

    I mean, c’mon.

    If a 53-year-old male rock star put out a song that cast him as a high-school jock (rather than cheerleader), and he made a video to go with it, we’d all LAUGH LIKE CRAZY.

    It’s NOT that Madonna is old; it’s that she refuses to GROW UP.

    And really, those lyrics? Sounds like she’s making up the words as she goes along.

  • Wesley Horace

    the song itself is boring. especially madonna’s recital of lyrics. there is no singing on it. she is soft spoken for some reason. minaj and mia have good parts but are too short. madonna needs to share the stage more. the video itself is very good i like the visuals especially the marilyn monroe parts. but the song is boring.

  • Mike UK

    how can anyone who put out a stunning song like “Frozen” put out that total durge!

  • Pip

    @Michael in Toronto: Um she casts herself as a Mom in this video… she’s seen breast feeding and walking a stroller.

  • Lucifer

    When did Jan Brewer make a video?

  • jason

    I am just so over Madonna and her marketing strategy. She’s an expert at playing the female victim card. Memo to Madonna: it’s not the fact that you’re a female, it’s the fact that you are a manipulative, fake, hypocritical and superficial woman.

    Regarding her new song, it’s all AutoTune. Nuff said.

  • Kent

    I still don’t understand why people that say they don’t like her or like anything she does, still seem to click on posts and video’s of her. Seems people just like to bitch.

  • wingfield

    Agree with pretty much everything. I think she purposely didn’t make a “crazy” video because she didn’t want to come off as competing with gaga. The song definitely has an old school pop sound which may be good or bad. Like the others I just wish M.I.A and Nicki had longer verses.

  • divkid

    yeah, i know the video is meant to be kitsch, but why so cheap looking? it’s true the marilyn bit had some mildly diverting moments, particularly where she “gave good face” …. but not enough to rescue it.

    and the song … awful, obvs.

    two things struck me about the performance at the press conference:
    that her presence is undeniable — strong, assured and powerful even when in ever-so-umble “let’s not not frighten the christians” mode. in another life she could’ve been a political leader; she has the requisite amount of sincerity for the role.

    finally, and most appallingly, what’s with all the god bothering? jesus christ! it’s embarrassing. stop it.

  • Shannon1981

    Will always show my love for Madonna.

    @divkid: Where the hell you been? Please message me.

  • InscrutableTed

    I could have done without the fetishised Japanese robo-girls, especially the one who has her panties around her knees at one point.

    Does fetishising Japanese girls become better or worse if they’re portrayed as faceless robots?

  • tookietookie

    Okay, I watched a little of the superbowl clip and feel bad for my previous comment. She is a person too…

    But, that being said, her music video still gave me a “I would gnaw my own arm off to get away from this” feeling about one minute in.

  • Red Meat

    Lady Gaga and Madonna are not paying anyone to troll each other on youtube or twitter, its the fans. Britney fans basically overlap Madonna fans, they are mostly the same people. Read some, “Madonna and Britney are queens!” Its the same shit that happened early last year when Britney released her album and new singles.

    Madonna is benefiting from all this, its bringing peoples attention to her new album and song so lucky for her.

    Now I have to say, anyone who has ever bashed glee and is praising this is a hypocrite, this video and song is just at corny as what we see in glee.

  • jason

    The saddest thing about Madonna is that she has purchased airplay for her new single. Apparently she’s done a deal with Clear Channel to have her song played every hour.

  • Catman

    This is downright awful!!! Maybe and I mean maybe this would’ve been a decent tune back in the 80’s but now it just comes across as an old, hasbeen who’s has more make up on than a drag queen making an attempt to stay relevant. This is what everyone’s so excited to see at the Superbowl? I’d rather see Justin reveal Janet’s nipple again.

  • oh but

    Both the song and video seem to have been conceived with the sole purpose of embarrassing the younger singers.

  • bobsbttm

    That’s. Not a girl. That’s a drag queen

  • BubbasBack

    Wow, arrested development, fighting against age, major chipmunk cheeks, Madonna, wtf happened? This song sucks big time. She seems so desperate. Like, duh, she needs the money? Of course not. She needs the adulation, the fame, the ego. Ewww and burp double burp. Oh, and what’s up with those arms!

  • Ashton cruz

    For some odd reason all this music video and song remind me of, is of that scene in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane where Betty Davis is all old and haggard with all that gaudy caked on make up, dressed as a little girl pathetically singing “I’ve written a letter to daddy” , as if she still was a famous young girl. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

  • Lefty

    The saddest thing about Madonna is that she makes good/great pop music with funny/stylish videos and poor deluded gay people have been DUPED into actually enjoying and dancing to her extremely enjoyable music that makes people want to dance.
    What a BITCH!

  • Lefty

    @Ashton cruz: You’re right. That is an odd reaction. :)

  • divkid

    does madonna *really* want to venture down this musical direction, a career ending route? well if so, and while donning my headscarf, i can foresee only disaster. i predict this infelicity can only terminate in one of two dread scenarios: celebrity plane crash death on route to nevada if she’s lucky; vegas cabaret residency if she’s not.

    i used to love madonna, or rather what she represented (personally she seems to lack all human warmth; not so much a human as a clitoris with an overweening ambition). whatever the case, it is my completely-scientifically-unjustified-yet-nevertheless-cast-iron-theory that she was entirely responsible for turning the moral zeitgeist of the 1980s towards more favourable winds — and possibly assisted in these efforts by dr. ruth… and maybe bea arthur (by virtue of being an omniscient, omnipresent… god ) — this was achieved, quite simply, or so it seems now, from our safe vantage point, by defiantly flaunting her sexuality, without shame, and grinding her crotch in the face of the puritan onslaught following in the wake of the aids crisis. (*madonna’s crotch/face-grinding that is, not bea arthur’s or dr. ruth’s, but really who knows!?!). such was the power of her blasphemous heathenish sluttery that not even the church could escape her orbit; even nuns could be seen rocking that self-same funny-shaped necklace thing that madonna made famous. y’know with the little man on it.

    madonna was a pop-cultural margaret mead in kinky bondage gear, sending despatches back home to educate, titillate and shock the straight white-bread world with her tales of “her sexual deviants”, “her blacks”, “her latinos”, and their exotic sexy dangerous unsettling otherness. and through the goodness of her heart she considerately colonised their cultures and selflessly sucked the blood out of them. magpie-like she fashionably filched their unique shiny creations — or eggs, if you will — and placed them in the media spotlight — or, her own nest, if you will, from whence she benevolently bestowed them, her own generous gifts to the world…hence was it that the modern age was born. yes.

    ..but of course, this was all long before “mommy madonna”, and the schmaltzy children’s books, the stupid assed superstitious unreason masquerading as religion; and the horsey fetish; the patrician pretensions. and of course fucking that talentless british mockney toff. oh, and above all else allowing her self to get old. THAT was truly unforgivable.

    anyway, madge, what are you doing! it can’t be about the shekels, surely you’ve got enough? really, if you must do this kind of shit at the superbowl, then, for one last time, for the good old days, for the kids, for the future, go out there and fuck those puritans good! you NEED to malfunction bitch! MALFUNCTION! do it for yourself. get those norks out for one last time. use them to destroy middle america. then put them away. forever. and then go seek out patti smith and let her teach you how to do this ageing thing properly, cause you going ’bout it all the wrong way. you need to recapture your inner punk, and she’d tell you growing old is no disgrace as long you *are* GROWING. deal with it.

    but if you’re not brave enough, rather than treading water with this piss poor material, wouldn’t you far rather be at home staring up at the gory minge of a freda kahlo? or maybe, rubbing saddle soap into some young stallion?
    oh, but then i guess that kabbalah water, well it aint cheap is it?


    @Shannon1981:hey gurl! i’ve been busybusybusy; *somebody* has to draw up the plans for the anarcho/atheist/vegan/queer — world revolution….
    — and somebody else has to sharpen all his pencils and do a desk tidy… yep, that would be me then.
    still reading queerty, and still lovin’ your work.
    alas, i’m a facebook refusenik. but rest assured soon as i master the technology — there’s a pigeon heading your way! xoxo

  • Jay

    Who… Cares… Jeeze

  • Sean

    Love this video…it’s not Ray of Light but it’s campy and fun. This certainly will never be considered one of her greatest songs but I’m hoping the album has more to offer

  • Shannon1981

    @divkid: awwww well I hope to hear from you! Thank you, and glad you are still around.:) Don’t stay gone too long!!!

  • Bryan

    @jj: Errr, that’s not Gaga’s team though, it’s a small group of neurotic, little super fans who have nothing better to do.

  • Jeff

    Jesus Christ, people act as if Madonna doing a silly piece of pop fluff should bring the death penalty. The song is fun and a 60’sish throwback, and I thought the video had a throwback feeling too. I am no fan of Nicki, but I love MIA, and thought they were at least having fun. No, this isn’t Ray of Light’s Frozen, but why does everything have to be? There are some people who just trash Madonna and her success to fill the void in their own loves. “If you can’t say something nice about someone, just go to the comments section of about any website.”

  • Jeff

    er, lives

  • truth

    someone said gagas team paid lil monsters to trash the song and video. seriously? well i am an Adele fan but this song video is stupid boring talentless desperate cheap! Gaga is the queen… every website people mention Gaga more than mad-donna…

  • Sean

    @Lefty: Greatest comment ever

  • Elmwood Mac

    Oh dear Madge your new song blows chunks.

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