Madonna Completes Work On 13th Album… Here’s Hoping It’s Better Than “MDNA”

OMFG, you guys, Madonna is gearing up for a comeback and it’s going to be huge. Huge! …Or at least we hope so. (Anything’s gotta be better than her last one, right?)

People in the know say the Queen has just completed work on her 13th studio album, which features a diverse roster of talented collaborators. Last month, the hairy-underarmed hitmaker announced on her Instagram that she was in the studio with Swedish superstar DJ Avicii. Earlier this month, she said she was teaming up with electro-pop star Natalia Kills and Martin Kierszenbaum, as well as Symbolyc One, Toby Gad, and MoZella (the songwriter responsible for Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball):

Now, it seems as though the album is complete.

In the very early hours Monday morning, Madonna’s long-time friends and collaborators, fashion photographers Mert and Marcus, posted a photo of the Queen to their Instagram page, along with the following message:

“In my room listening to the NEW ALBUM!!!!! Im DYING!!!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU FROM INSIDE OUT ???????? @madonna”

We can hardly contain our excitement. A new Madonna album — even a mediocre one like 2012’s MDNA, or 2008’s Hard Candy before that — is always cause for a celebration. (And before you have a panic attack in the comments section, MDNA was an okay album. We just don’t think it lived up to the high standards expected of pop royalty, that’s all. The album’s own producer, William Orbit, agrees… And, no, we’re not “Little Monsters” out to bring Madonna down. We’re just being honest.) Simply based on her collaborators alone, we have high hopes for Madge’s latest effort. We know she still has at least a few great hits left in her.

No word yet on the album’s title or release date, but we’re guessing it will be some time this summer. Of course, a new Madonna album means a new Madonna concert. So start saving your pennies, boys. Tickets to her last world tour were over $300 a pop. (Let’s just hope she leaves the gold grill at home.)

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  • redcarpet

    Confessions on a dance floor was her last good album. But she really peaked with Ray of light and she hasn’t hit that high since.

    She needs to stick to her dance pop roots. She’s tried to incorporate more and more hip hop and it just doesn’t work with her.

  • hotshot70

    She will name her new album “POPART”, and will include such titles as “M.A.N.”. “Aphrodite”, and “Clapping” TIme for GRANDMADONNA to retire. She is no longer relevant. Go eat some prunes and Geritol.

  • gskorich

    she needs to disappear like janet Jackson has. no news for a time then new album and boom. back on top. lets hope it is nothing like mdna. bad album.

  • uruz422

    Can’t wait for her new material!

    MDNA was a great album.

    Lady Gaga is relevant and great. Madonna is relevant and great.


  • Manchester

    Confessions was a GREAT CD.

  • michael mellor

    Is she still trying to relevant? Girl, you need to get real. The days of marketing yourself like a girl singing about sordid subjects like virginity are well and truly over. You were never talented to begin with. You somehow tricked gay men into fawning over you and anointing you “icon” in a long list of icons.

    Enough with exploiting gay men for their money, honey.

  • michael mellor

    Oh, and did I mention that Madge has no talent whatsoever except for marketing?

  • jckfmsincty

    She’s hardly an artist. She’s been lucky.

  • Madonnaids

    Madonna is a has-been. It’s all about Lady Gaga now. Besides, Madonna is the one that helped spread AIDS in the 1980s. It’s a good thing a lot of her fans died then because she hasn’t been relevant since La Isla Bonita.

  • lykeitiz

    Love hearing from the gaybies on how irrelevant Madonna is. And now they’re saying she helped spread AIDS in the 80’s. “Little Monsters” is quite the prophetic name for the bunch. But kids, facts get in the way. Last year, while the irrelevant (and Geritol popping) Madonna was busy having the #1 tour GLOBALLY, her plagiarist was breaking her hip.

  • Cam

    At this point isn’t every CD she puts out a comeback?

  • Desert Boy

    The subject of Madge’s new songs will include menopause, osteoporosis, and a dry vagina.

  • Cam

    @Desert Boy:

    And Kabbalah, don’t forget Kabbalah

  • BitterOldQueen

    @Desert Boy: Love that! And if only. Madge will continue to cling to her long-lost youth with her ancient claw-like hands, and insist on being that embarrassing mom who insists on showing off her moves and how she’s “still got it” at the junior high dance she’s chaperoning, or the 60 year old gay guy who still buys clothes at A&F and maintains an alarmingly thick head of blond hair. Girl was last relevant in 2000 or so, which by my count is more than a decade ago. I’d LOVE it if she showed other aging popsters how it’s done properly (she’s obviously not the only one pretending she’s still 32; I’m looking at you, Mick). McCartney is sort of doing that, with retrospective and more thoughtful stuff. Surely Madonna could too. We hardly need another club song; blaze a trail again, Lady Madonna: act your age; embrace yourself.

  • QuintoLover

    Jesus. The degree you’re all going to bash her is beyond pathetic. Just let her do her thing. If you don’t like the music or her performances or her or whatever… that’s perfectly fine. Do you really need to compose a whole paragraph about ageism and Gaga references?

  • Madonnaids

    Madonna should be doing a standards album (oh wait, she can’t sing, how could she?). Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is selling out all over the world with the amazing ARTPOP Tour, which may become the largest grossing tour by a female artist in history.

    Madonna, pack it in. You already spread AIDS among gay men. Why don’t you stop doing damage to the world you OLD hag.

  • Cam


    The thing that is weird about posts like yours is that I’m not a huge Madonna fan, but when fans of people like Gaga come out here and post stuff like this it just makes me not like the person you are a fan of.

  • Chico

    @Madonnaids: what a disgusting thing to say. Perhaps this passes as a cool and hip comment in some circles but here it justs paints you as someone who has a very loose grasp on reality.

  • jimstoic

    MDNA was half a great album, saddled with half a terrible one.

  • redcarpet

    @Madonnaids: Slow your roll there killer, Artpop was a mess and isn’t doing that well.

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