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Madonna Dancer Carlton Kept His HIV Status Secret During The Blond Ambition Tour

MadonnaTruth_132Pyxurz-1024x776I was deeply hiding my HIV status when we were on the road. I couldn’t embrace those high levels of accomplishment at the time, because I had this other thing going on.I was diagnosed in 1985 on tour with a company in Hawaii. I moved to L.A. in 1986, largely because of my diagnosis. In 1985 it was fire and brimstone. So I moved to L.A. because I thought, if I’m going to die in a year, I need to make my life as amazing as I can right now. That’s really where I was. At that time I had no evidence that I would live life for many more years.No one knew. My family didn’t know. I didn’t tell my family until 2006. I was dodging and hiding for most of my adult life.”Carlton Wilborn, who besides continuing his work as a performer is today a sought-after life coach, looks back at the legendary Blond Ambition tour while promoting the upcoming documentary Strike a Pose in an interview with Attitude