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    Before the BQB runs to the workshops and begins to sharpen their claws to rip Madonna to shreds with barbs like “she is trying to remain revelant” or “she wishes she could still attract GaGa’s fans” yada yada. Take a moment to realize that Madonna was one of the absolute first mainstream acts that embraced the Gay community, lent her name and time to raise money for AIDS awareness and causes. She has never once wavered in her support for our community. She is the role model that stars like GaGa emulate and look up to. And still to this day every time Madonna goes on tour, her concerts are in the top 5 revenue generating events. She deserves nothing less but our thanks and support for decades of being very vocally on our side……….

    PS: A concert by the two of would be the most entertaining, Gayest, outrageous, spectacles one could withess this century

  • Jeff K.

    Now this is something I’d like to see.

  • Xtincta

    So Queerty is in the business of reporting BLATANTLY false news now? I guess Rupert Murdoch bought us out this weekend. And who needs buzz when you just finished the most successful tour for a female Artist of all time and Vegas is throwing billion dollar offers your way for you to do a 5 year stay.

    If anyone is desperate to tour with Gaga it’s probably Christina. Who knows maybe Gaga will let her open up for her one day.

  • L.

    Queerty ‘desperate’ for clicks due to business model?

  • jason

    Madonna embraced the gay community??? What sort of an embrace was it? To me, it seemed like lip service designed to get the community on side and then make a lot of money off it. It reminded me somewhat of how the televangelists operate in embracing the faithful and then taking all their money.

    Madonna was also a publicity skunk. A publicity skunk who marketed herself to the sleazy straight guy fantasy (by wearing little clothing and kissing women) while claiming to be on the side of the GLBT community. The two cannot co-exist. Women who make out with other women for the sake of publicity are not helping the GLBT community at all.

    Madonna and Lady Gaga have got their mansions now but we still haven’t got gay marriage.

  • Daveny

    Yes cause Madonna needs help selling out seats on her tours……..oh wait! She sells out show already! Also at least update the post queerty it’s been debunked already.

  • TonyD

    Madonna didn’t embrace the gay community at first; sure, she hung out at gay hot spots in NYC in the beginning (Cafeteria, Tunnel, Roxy, etc), but gays claimed her and she confessed “Vogue” was a gay dance she was inspired by the watching gay men after questioned (watch “Paris is Burning” for reference). Cher, Bette Midler, Tina Turner, Debbie Harry, even Cyndi Lauper claimed the GLBT community before the other way around. She’s never one to claim something until she smells a trend brewing- remember her attempt at rapping? Madge dropped that really fast.

  • John Raymond Barker

    As said before, she doesn’t need Lady GaGa to sell concert tickets.

    A collaboration could be inspired and seeing how they are friends, it’s always possible.



    “Madonna and Lady Gaga have got their mansions now but we still haven’t got gay marriage.”

    Lesson Time:


    Try as you might you won’t find “female entertainers” listed as a member of the decision making process in the United States Government………

    If you look at the history of the Gay rights movement and especially the AIDS crisis, Madonna was one of the first public persons to speak openly about AIDS. She advocated safe sex, worked to dispell the myths that simply by looking at a Gay person you would immediatley contract AIDS. She worked as a spokesperson and raised millions thru benefits and concerts. She embraced Gay rights, marriage, and has spoken out about almost every single anti-Gay measure…………..

    Every celebrity has their mansions. Problem is once Gay dollars help buy them unlike Madonna they simply move into the mansions and dont’ speak out to defend some of their most loyal fans……………

    I am far from a Madonna fanatic. However I am sick and tired of certain Gays joining the BQB and slapping with venon at the hands that have been extended to us in solidartiy and support…..

  • PopSnap

    Madonna is a legend and Gaga is getting there fast. I love them both to death. They both completely revitalized dying genres (pop had been going downhill until Gaga came along, being replaced by rap/hip-hop and punk-pop) and Madonna essentially invented pop music. And the nerve of some people to suggest she is “chasing in” on gay people! How jaded must you be to assume that, just because one becomes famous, they are automatically shallow and greedy?

    We’ll be hearing Bad Romance twenty years later on the radio.

  • McMike

    Wow, if Queerty keeps posting crap like this I’ll stop coming to it. I come here for news. I don’t come here to read some bitter and bored queen’s rant which has NOTHING to do with anything factual much less newsworthy.

  • Ian

    Makes sense as Madonna bet on the wrong pony (Britney Spears) a few years ago as her “successor” in that stupid kiss scene at that award show, & that pony has pretty much flushed herself subsequently in terms of relevency.

    If Lady GaGa can keep up the steem of her first album in her continuing work she is most definitely Madanna’s true successor, but of course a little time will have to tell.

  • Toby

    Without Madonna, I would have been a very sad gay teen.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I like Gaga, but ask me that question 20 years from now…as for Madonna, I know the answer will be.

  • Brihova

    “Makes sense as Madonna bet on the wrong pony (Britney Spears) a few years ago as her “successor” in that stupid kiss scene at that award show, & that pony has pretty much flushed herself subsequently in terms of relevency.”

    Excuse me that Kiss was EPIC and is still talked about to this day. And Britney is still here, in a reduced from but she’s still here. It’s Xtincta Aguilera people should be worried about. Flop Album, Canceled tours, no hit songs….. Her next album will be make or break for her.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Could you really blame an artist for wanting to work with another artist? Madonna has reigned as Queen of Pop for decades, and EARNED her throne. Gaga is still new, and that’s really exciting. Both offer equally interesting opportunities to music. A Madonna/Gaga team up would be beyond amazing, even if it’s just collaborating on a couple songs or doing some covers of each other.

    Madonna no doubt sees the future in Gaga; and Gaga obviously respects Madonna’s contributions to the field. There’s no need for the antagonism some fans are hurling at each other.

  • afrolito

    What’s the point of posting this completely made up story, other than to take the usual cheap dig at Madonna?

    Madonna has never needed an opening act to generate buzz for a tour. Her last one, was and is the highest grossing solo tour ever….and the last act to open for her was the Beastie Boys in 1985.

    Gaga also doesn’t need to open for anyone since her own tour is about to reach 200 million in sales.

    Madonna is currently directing a major motion picture in 3 countries, and isn’t even thinking about a tour or new album at this point.

    The constant comparisons between Madonna and Gaga used to annoy me, but it’s actually sort of a tribute to Madonna. Her influence on Gaga and all women in pop is undeniable, but there will never be another one like her. Gaga will have to carve out her own identity if she wants to truly make an impact long term.

  • Kev C

    Who the fuck cares? One eats some shit and the other eats a lot of shit.

  • Sean

    Without Madonna there wouldn’t be a GaGa, Britney etc. She IS pop music. Despite how many records sold, how much a tour grosses or how many hits Madonna always will be the first and best (and she’s actually sold the most records, had the top grossing tour and the most hits of any solo artist and only behind the Beatles). Madonna spoke of equality and empowerment years before anyone in the pop scene knew how to ride a bike. Do some of year remember the song “In this Life” off her Erotica album? It was a song about her losing a friend to AIDS which was something Madonna experienced quite a bit in the 80’s and has periodically discussed. The point is Madonna has always spoken about tolerance and acceptance even in countries that are hostile to gay people. She had the balls to utter the word AIDS when Ronald Reagan wouldn’t even do it. Along the way she’s made some of the best music in history and has proven to be the most important and influential female musician. I like GaGa but I’ll never understand why a lot of her fans and the bitter queens at Queerty always insist on taking jabs at Madonna whenever they can, Jealous much? No matter what they say Madonna will ALWAYS be the Queen of pop and she deserves our respect and gratitude.

  • Kev C

    @Sean: Serioiusly, I don’t care if an artist speaks about equality and empowerment. I care if they make good music. I have a lot of LGBT artists and composers in my collection. And some diva/hag music too. But I don’t have a single Madonna song or Lady Gaga song or Cyndi Lauper song and never will, thankfully. Fuck you make good music and I’ll support you.

  • jason

    Madonna did nothing for gay rights – absolutely nothing. Her shtick was to claim she’s for gay rights but then to sell herself by appealing to the sleazy straight guy fetish for female nudity and girl-girl action. Madonna is, therefore, a disgusting skunk who exploited and trivalized the GLBT movement in general.

  • Jay

    Madonna is an icon, Lady Gaga is a pop star. I find it ironic that Madge at 52 is still hotter

  • Kev C

    Gaga and Madonna both exploit gays. They rob ideas from gay artists and designers. Lady Gaga is a homophobe.

  • Kev C

    It’s funny how the people Lady Gaga stole from to get famous don’t want to work with her. David Bowie doesn’t. Prince doesn’t. Marilyn Manson doesn’t. Grace Jones certainly doesn’t want to work with Gaga. But Madonna does? Oh, and M.I.A. and Courtney Love don’t either because Gaga is the enemy of talented people.


    @John Raymond Barker: And I think meds………. :p

  • Kev C

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I’ve noticed that many people who listen to Lady Gaga like to insult gays.

  • Chipsy

    gagA is a satanist and Madonna wants to get her free from evil spirits by trying Kabbalatology therapy.

    Mariah Carey invented pop music

  • Kyle

    @afrolito: Technotronic opened for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour

  • Kyle

    @Chipsy: LOL! Mariah Carey almost killed pop music, thank God food has now distracted her!

  • jason

    AIDS is not a gay rights issue. Never has been.

    Many of the celebrities who cited AIDS were simply doing it because their agents told them. The agents tell them everything. They are guided by the agents.

    A lot of these women in the music industry are guided by their agents. Just because they appear to be gay-friendly it doesn’t mean they actually are.

    The GLBT community needs to stop allowing itself to be so manipulated by women, especially those in the entertainment industry. There are definitely some gay-friendly women around but Madonna is not one of them as far as I’m concerned.

  • Kev C

    Lady Gaga has more homophobic fans than gay fans. That’s a statistical fact. Gaga’s music is so homophobic, it even turns gay men into homophobes.

  • Anthony

    Lady Gaga has done nothing for marriage equality because she refuse to marry a woman. Wake up gay boys – she hate you all and now wants to copy your style! Madonna is far worse because she invented AIDS.

  • Kev C

    Lady Gaga is and always has been a heterosexual italian catholic. But why is Madonna posing with Edith Prickley? And why is Edith wearing a Lone Ranger mask?

  • TheInsider

    @jason: I agree Jason. It is sad to see gay men who made Madonna rich still defending her as if she had been a patron saint of queer causes. She is a shrewd businesswoman who knows hot to “appropriate” cultural influences, for example, vogueing, use them to her advantange, make bundles of money and then flee the scene. She may be a creative showwoman, but she is, from all reports of people who have worked with her closely, an awful human being. And please, what has she done for gay rights? Cyndi Lauper, by all means. Madonna? I don’t think so.

  • BubbasBack

    Madonna and plastic surgery: not a good combo. Burp.

  • Kevin B

    It’s beyond pathetic to hear people fault Madonna for not being our leader. As if it’s her job to save us simply because we buy her music. As if she has to be some servant of the gay community for the rest of her life simply because she wrote “Vogue.” She’s a pop star. And part of the reason she’s lasted as long as she has is because she’s never affixed herself to any one thing for too long. Guess what dumb-dumbs, that includes us. So what? Who cares? Stop looking for other people to be your savior. Do you like her music? Does it make you dance? That’s all that matters. The rest of it is all rantings from creatures that probably haven’t been on a dance floor in years and long ago lost the ability to smile and enjoy life.

  • Kev C

    @Kevin B: Not only does Gaga’s music cause homophobia, it causes diarrhea. So next time you’re on the dance floor, watch out for crap.

  • Sky Captain

    @Brihova: Yeah, I’ll bet Christina is finished…NOT!!

    FYI, the economy is suffering, tours aren’t making a lot of money, cancellations in the tour industry are mega-big (even Lilith Fair is suffering)-generally, it’s not that great, tour-wise: that‘s why Christina’s tour is suffering. Brit The Clit is dead-she just doesn’t know it yet. Christina will come back, mark my words, and she will be fierce.

    Hey, maybe Christina, Madge, and Gaga can join up and do a mega tour together as a new supergroup-we can call it ‘Sparkle’!

  • Jake

    I must say anyone that did a thumbs down for my last post must be crazy. It showed Madonna has the amazing advocate she’s been for navy causes over the years and some of you think that’s bad? Seriously something must be inherently wrong with some of the people on here as no deed seems to go unpunished. Madonna has been an amazing ally for almost 30 years.

  • PopSnap


    Agreed. I don’t like this thumbs up or down thing at all. Express opposing viewpoints if you like, but when a straight fundie comes here and sees us fighting like this they probably laugh at those crazy queers who can’t even agree on somebody who so obviously is one of their biggest supporters.

    Madonna is literally an LGBT hero who stood by us when we were thought of as “diseased animals” and “perverts who deserve to die”; and yet the very same people she dared to defend are here trashing her. What a damn shame! Do you people understand how much guts it must’ve taken her to stand up to the same nation that elected Reagan and tell them that they’re wrong about men suffering because they love one another?

    I mean, I hate to pull a Chris Crocker here, but I feel my somewhat corny defense is warranted for such a talented, big-hearted, wonderful woman.

  • Kev C

    @PopSnap: Who cares? Her music sucks. Madonna doesn’t write, play or record the music, she writes and sings the lyrics. Does anyone actually believe that Madonna (or Gaga) are talented singers? Dancers? Or lyric writers? C’mon, the lyrics sound like they were written by a high school girl on the back of her notebook. Here’s Give it 2 Me:

    Give it to me, yeah
    No one’s gonna show me how
    Give it to me, yeah
    No one’s gonna stop me now
    Get stupid, get stupid, get stupid, don’t stop it (what?)

    Madonna wrote these stupid lyrics when she was 50 years old!!

  • jason

    The problem with the gay male community is that, in its desperation for heroes, it latches onto supposedly gay-friendly women who parade around in a half-naked state. Don’t you think it’s strange that gay men are worshipping women who wear little, if any, clothing? It’s a sign of dysfunctionality.

    As a community, you need to get back to basics. You need to discern. A lot of these half-naked pop moles are simply using the gay rights issue as a cover for their sexist and demeaning treatment of women. If you gay men had any respect for women, you wouldn’t be giving your money to these half-naked pop moles.

  • Kevin B

    @Kev C:

    The simple and stupid lyrics make for a really great song to run to.

    Thanks again, Madonna!

  • Kev C

    Do you know how Madonna got her start in music? She slept with a lot of music industry guys and sucked a lot of dick.

    Do you know how Lady Gaga got her start in music? She also slept with music industry guys and sucked a lot of dick.

    Now maybe these women are good at sucking cock, but their music just plain sucks.

  • jason

    Kev C,

    LOL. Pearls of wisdom, my friend, pearls of wisdom….

    At the end of the day, it’s the same old story about fucking one’s way to the top.

  • Kevin B


    Funny = the guy who ranted about sexism and the mistreatment of women and then reduced a woman’s near 30 yr career to sucking cock.

    Major lulz, kids.

  • Kev C

    As gays move up in society and form marriages, they have less need for music to smoke crack and turn tricks to. Lady Gaga probably didn’t read that memo.

  • MakeItNotBeTrue

    What´s wrong with Madonna´s head? All that plastic surgery is making her look like a fig!

  • Kev C

    Speaking of Vogue, on of her most popular songs, Madonna stole vogueing from gays. And what role do the dancers in her video play? As servants for Madonna .. as butlers, maids, groomers and furniture.

    Listen to Madonna’s gay brother (from Time magazine):

    Christopher Ciccone, an artist and interior decorator, served stints as Madonna’s backup dancer, her “dresser” (a role in which his tasks included wiping sweat from her sometimes-naked body) and later as her designer. But mostly, by his telling, he functioned as her doormat. And, occasionally, her garbage can (one of his chores was allowing his sister to spit cough drops into his palm). “I find no excuse for Madonna’s grossly unfair treatment of me.”

    A 30 year career of exploiting gays.

  • Alex N

    I think that gays do plenty to exploit themselves without the help of Madonna. How ridiculous to imply this nonsense about her. The irony is that the same has been said of her in different screeching tones over the past 26 years…She’s too much of one thing and too little of another. But she is still out there, and even those of you still screeching can’t stop talking about her. I can assure you that Gaga will not share such a legacy.

  • Kev C

    @Alex N: Worker drone must protect Queen Bee. Worker drone dies, Queen Bee lives. Queen Bee gets old, colony looks for new queen.

  • Kevin B

    @Kev C:

    LOL, I love the old “she stole it from the gays” rant. Never fails to make me laugh. I can assure you Kev C, the queens at Sound Factory, including Willie Ninja, were more than happy to teach it to her, appear in her video and tour the world with her. I don’t know what your definition of a robbery is, but doesn’t sound like much of one to me.

    Your rant on the maids & butler roles is just plain bizarre, btw.

    Her brother’s career as a designer is owed, in large part, to his sister’s fame so he should probably just STFU and keep catching her cough drops.

    Alex, don’t pass too much remarks on these boys. Every time they see her name they simply can’t help themselves. They’re forced to click and start spewing. It’s a sickness. Queerty is well aware of this phenomenon and that’s why they continue to post articles about Madonna whether true or not. They want clicks. Simple as that. You can find these same people that rant against her in other threads saying things like “I think the lady doth protest too much.” Unfortunately they don’t realize how that applies to themselves. I absolutely love that Madonna gets under these stupid queen’s collective acidic skin. It’s phenomenal and makes being a fan such a fun ride. She’s been hated since day one. And I hope they keep hating her as much as they do because they unwittingly keep her relevant by doing so and I keep getting music out of her as a result.

  • Kev C

    @Kevin B: I guess some gays have a need for a supportive mother figure to replace their real, unsupportive mother.

    Watch the video for Vogue and see how Madonna imagines gays to be. What role she sees for gays.

    Remember Wale, the DC rapper? Here’s his comments from DC Black Pride.

    “It was kinda hard to understand 10 years ago, but it’s 2010. There’s gay people that are heads of companies and just functioning human beings.”, “How can I be scared of a gay person where most of the designers that I wear are gay”, “I don’t personally know any gay people”.

    So gays are like servants or slaves for heteros? They make nice clothing for them and work for them, but aren’t friends or equals.

    How vogue.

  • Kevin B

    @Kev C:

    Your analytical thinking is spectacularly awful.

  • Kev C

    @Kevin B: I can insult you too, if that’s what you want.

  • Kevin B

    @Kev C:

    Because this wasn’t an insult??

    “I guess some gays have a need for a supportive mother figure to replace their real, unsupportive mother.”

  • Kev C

    @Kevin B: My observation and opinion, but where does it say it’s addressed to Kevin B? It’s a neutral statement.

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