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Madonna doesn’t apologize, would like everyone to just forget that terrible video she shared… OK?

After wading into COVID-19 controversy earlier this week, it appears Madonna would like everyone to simply forget she ever called controversial coronavirus doctor Stella Immanuel her “hero.” Oh, and also, don’t expect an apology from her. That’s not her style.

Earlier this week, the singer shared a coronavirus propaganda video and voiced her support for Immanuel, the quack physician who’s been encouraging people not to wear masks and warning about “demon sperm” and alien babies.

“The truth will set us all free!” Madonna wrote on Instagram. “This woman is my hero … Thank you Stella Immanuel.”

A backlash ensued, with many of Madonna’s biggest fans voicing their disapproval of her glowing endorsement of Immanuel. The video was quickly flagged by fact checkers for being inaccurate and later removed from Madonna’s page by the Instagram police.

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In the past, the singer has never missed an opportunity to declare herself a victim of “censorship.” This time, however, she said nothing when the video was taken down.

She also said nothing when fans asked for an explanation for what happened.

And, so far, she has ignored all calls to apologize.

Then this morning, she posted a righteous video to her Instagram page featuring Rabbi Eitan Yardeni, a senior instructor from the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, along with the caption:

My teacher speaks about The 9th of Av (next 24 hours) we need to Transform Days of Darkness into Days of Love ♥️ #eitanyardeni. PA. I will spread the teachings of all the great prophets if they resonate with me . They all have something to teach us. They all came here to teach us. One of the most important teachings is tolerance and forgiveness.

Noticeably absent from the post is any mention of the controversy Madonna caused earlier in the week.

What’s also confusing about it is that it appears she’s asking for forgiveness, but she’s yet to actually address what happened. And it’s kinda hard to forgive a person when they can’t even say they’re sorry or explain why they did something.

Madonna may wish everyone would just forget the whole thing ever happened, but commenters are still pissed about it, and rightfully so.

“So we just gonna pretend ‘that’ never happened?” one person asked. To which someone else responded, “LMAO, yes. It was all a dream, a bedtime story.”

“Please say something about the video removed from your feed,” another person wrote. “You are an inspiration for billions of people around the world and that info wasn’t safe/true.” To which another person replied, “You shouldn’t look to a celebrity for inspiration or information.”

“She needs to be more thoughtful about what she posts,” yet another comment reads. “This was terrible.”

“Calling that woman a hero is embarrassing and wrong on so many levels,” another declares. “I don’t care if she was not the only one, she knows better.”

“There is zero indication that Madonna is sorry,” adds another. “Also, Instagram — not Madonna — removed it. It would likely still be up if not for Instagram.”

We’re sill waiting on that apology, Madge.

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