Madonna Flashes Her 53-Year-Old Nipple To Concertgoers In Istanbul

There was a time not so long ago when you had to go out of your way not to see Madonna‘s exposed rack, whether it was peering at you from the pages of her erotic coffee-table book, Sex, popping up in the pages of Penthouse or making a onscreen appearance in Body of Evidence.

But Madge has mostly covered up in recent years, probably to help further her image as a mother, humanitarian and filmmaker.

Until Thursday night, that is, when the Material Matron exposed her right breast to 50,0000 concertgoers in Istanbul, Turkey.

Perhaps we should have seen it coming: After all, Madonna did bring back her Gaultier bondage costumes from years past, so maybe some just-for-old-times-sake bare boobage was inevitable?

Or perhaps this was a teaching moment: Lady Gaga recently canceled her concert in Jakarta after religious zealots expressed their outrage. Maybe Madge was just showing the little whippersnapper how you handle controversy in a predominantly Muslim country.

(Warning: video includes brief shot of a supple breast belonging to a middle-aged icon. Play at your own discretion)

Source: Egotastic